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New Research Into Why Women Football Players Have Higher Concussion Rates

It's been known for some time that women sustain more concussions than men in football. While some scientists have claimed that this is due to women having naturally weak neck muscles, new research shows the problem may be due to a lack of vision training.

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Wide Receiver Khaneil Bruce Pursues NFL Dreams Despite Losing Sight In His Left Eye

Khaneil Bruce only ever wanted to become one thing: a professional football player. Even though Bruce lost sight in one of his eyes recently, he has told reporters that he will never give up on this dream.

Bruce was brought up in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the famous home of Harvard. Times... Read more


Ian McKinley: The One Eyed Rugby Wonder

The story of the former Leinster rugby out-half Ian McKinley is a tale of resilience. Even though he may never play for Dublin again, he will certainly go down as one of Ireland's great heroes.

McKinley's journey began at the age of 19 when he played for the University College Dublin... Read more


Cardiovascular Drug Proves Effective in Treating Surfer’s Eye

The eye disease pterygium, more commonly known as surfer’s eye, is a noticeable bump on the surface of the eye. The most common cause of this eye condition is excessive exposure to UV light, which affects not only surfers, but anyone that spends time near the water, or on snow, both of which... Read more


Contact lenses "the main choice" among sport enthusiasts.

Contact lenses continue to be the vision correction product of choice among people who regularly take part in sporting activities, a new report has revealed.

Nick Dash, an optometrist from Visual Edge Optometrists, said a major reason for... Read more


Contact lenses "great for active people"

People who regularly take part in sporting activities may find that contact lenses can help to enhance their performance, one expert has pointed out.

Many people who require vision correction find that glasses are inconvenient and even... Read more


New contact lens developments "always around the corner"

Such is the nature of the contact lens market that new developments are always around the corner, meaning that wearers have more choice than ever.

That is the opinion of Gavin Rebello, sports vision specialist at @eye_performance, who said that... Read more


"Always wear goggles" when swimming with contact lenses

The amazing sporting feats at the Olympics will no doubt lead to many people attempting to emulate their heroes, and for many this will involve diving into the swimming pool.

However, while many Olympic swimmers will no doubt be wearing contact... Read more


Swimmers warned of risks of wearing contact lenses

Keen swimmers who wear their contact lenses in the water have been warned that they could be affected by Acanthamoeba keratitis.

Keith Tempany, BCLA council member, said that lens wearers should not swim in their lenses, or use them for taking... Read more


Sporty people "should opt for contact lenses"

Wearing contact lenses is a great option for sports lovers, who will derive multiple benefits from the practice, it has been asserted.

Not only does it affect their hand-eye coordination – which is... Read more

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