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Human eye "can act as a compass"

A protein in the human eye can effectively act as a magnet and help to determine a person"s positioning on the earth, researchers have found in a breakthrough study.

The research, published in the journal Nature Communications, shows that when flies are deprived of the light-sensitive... Read more


Blindness treatment "a major step" in restoring sight

A course of treatment which helped a man to see again after 55 years has positive repercussions for the future of studies into blindness, according to one expert.

Dr Olusola Olawoye, from the college of medicine at the University of Ibadan, said that the latest study, published in BioMed... Read more


Stem cell technology "could reverse blindness"

Blindness could be reversed if research carried out by experts in the US continues to progress, it has been claimed.

Specialists from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis have used cutting-edge stem cell technology to correct a genetic defect present in the rare blinding... Read more


Spending on glaucoma medication "has increased"

The amount being spent on medication for glaucoma has increased by almost 100 per cent in recent years, a report has revealed, indicating an increase in the number of sufferers around the globe.

Data in a report published by Archives of Ophthalmology, one of the JAMA/Archives journals,... Read more


Experts hail research which could cure blindness

Experts across the world have been praising recent research carried out in the US which could open the door to treatments to restore sight.

A team led by Alfredo Dubra from the University of Rochester have viewed rods in the eyes for the first time ever, using special technology... Read more


Rods seen in the eye for the first time

A historic study by experts in the US has enabled them to see the rods which help our eyes to function for the first time ever.

The tiny light-sensing cells play an integral part in helping people to focus on things, such as when we read, but until recently they have never been... Read more


New RVO treatment "highly welcome"

A new treatment for retinal vein occlusion (RVO), one of the most common forms of eye disorder in the UK, has been described as "very welcome" by one expert.

According to Professor Peter Littlejohns, clinical and public health director at the National Institute for Health and Clinical... Read more


New study "could lead to greater visual care"

A recent study into the way in which blind people see could lead to the creation of new visual aids, it has been claimed.

According to Dr Charlotte Codina, who worked on a new study which discovered that deaf people see better because their retinas develop differently, a number of... Read more


High-tech contact lenses "will read emails in 2030"

The hotels of the future will offer people the option to read their emails using high-tech contact lenses, it has been claimed.

A new report carried out by engineer and futurologist Ian Pearson, entitled The Future of Sleep, suggests that in as... Read more


Experts discover way to block eye disorders

Experts in the US have developed a new way of preventing the advancement of degenerative eye disorders.

According to specialists from the University of Texas UT Southwestern Medical Center, blocking two tiny molecules of RNA, which is similar to DNA, appears to suppress the abnormal growth... Read more

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