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Lioness gets contact lenses

A lioness at a zoo in Rome, Italy, became the first in the world to be fitted with contact lenses.

Poor cataracts were to blame for 18-month-old Elsa"s poor eyesight.

She inherited the condition at birth, but it became... Read more


Contact lenses more effective than ever

Contact lenses are safer than ever, and what is more, they can correct vision problems that, in the past could only be helped with glasses, according to one expert.

Speaking to the Malaya newspaper, Dr Jesse B Caguioa, president of the Philippine College of Optometrists, said: "Read more


Drive-through eye care on offer

Residents in Jerseyville, Illinois, can now pick up their contact lenses via a new drive-through service, according to a report.

Illinois newspaper the Telegraph reported that the Bishop Family Eye Care office moved premises to a... Read more


Light-responsive contact lenses developed

UV-protective contact lenses, which darken when exposed to excessive sunlight, have been developed at a laboratory in Singapore.

Eye conditions such as age-related macular degeneration and cataracts are caused by long-term, unprotected exposure to sunlight.

But scientists at the... Read more


"smart contact lenses" have moved a step closer to reality

Healthcare giant Novartis, the parent of Alcon, the producers of some of the most popular contact lenses including Focus Dailies, Air Optix Aqua and the FreshLook range, will be helping to turn Google"s lab project into smart contact... Read more


Singaporeans given option of implanted contact lenses

Implanted contact lenses are being suggested to Singaporean people who suffer from sight problems.

Channel News Asia outlined the surgical process of inserting implantable Read more


Britons "discard over a billion contact lenses a year"

Over a billion contact lenses are disposed of in the UK on an annual basis, according to a recent report.

Ciliary Blue said that about 1.4 billion contact lenses are... Read more


Bifocal contact lenses "a new lease of life"

The benefits of bifocal contact lenses have been given by one satisfied user.

Cathy Bemus told the Clarion Ledger that she had had difficulty with her reading glasses, as it was inconvenient taking them on and off and having to go fetch them unexpectedly.

She researched her options... Read more


Da Vinci "father of contact lenses"

Artist and scientist Leonardo da Vinci was the first person to have the idea for contact lenses, according to a report.

The Ethiopian Review pointed out that he made a note in 1508 suggesting covering the eye with a lens in order... Read more


Dry eyes "can still wear contact lenses"

Contact lens wearers who find their eyes are becoming dryer do not have to resort to glasses.

This is the statement made by Dr Susan Resnick after a survey by Johnson & Johnson.

According to its poll, 86 per cent of women older than 35 are worried about the effect of the ageing... Read more

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