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Amniotic membrane "may cause strabismus complications"

Amniotic membranes used to prevent postoperative adhesions in strabismus eye surgery may actually be having the opposite effect, according to new research.

A study published in the Journal of AAPOS, the official publication of the American Association of Pediatric Ophthalmology and... Read more


Hard cataract removal "is no longer difficult"

The process of removing hard, dense cataracts is no longer difficult, one expert has claimed.

Eye surgeon Dr JS Titiyal told the Times of India that phacoemulsification has helped to radically alter the way in which cataracts are removed - something demonstrated in procedures he himself has... Read more


Contact lens implants "growing in popularity"

A new means of permanently improving vision through the implantation of contact lenses is continuing to grow in popularity, one expert has suggested.

Dr John Berdahl, from Vance Thompson Vision, told the Argus Leader that the procedure... Read more


Ferrofluids "can improve vision"

Liquids known as ferrofluids could potentially help to improve people"s vision by being used in adaptive lenses, it has been claimed.

According to a study carried out by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, using ferrofluids as "liquid pistons" could theoretically help to... Read more


Goji berries "can help improve eyesight"

More research has been published suggesting that the so-called "superfood" Goji berries may have numerous health benefits, including improving eyesight, but that these can also be found in many other foods.

A study published by experts at Institute of Nutrition and Food Science of the... Read more


Acupuncture "may treat lazy eye"

Acupuncture may be an effective means of treating the condition known as lazy eye, a new study has suggested.

Research carried out by experts at the Joint Shantou International Eye Center of Shantou University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong found that acupuncture is an effective... Read more


Conservatives and liberals "see things differently"

A new study has revealed that people who class themselves as liberal or conservative literally see the world differently.

Research from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) measured both liberals" and conservatives" reactions to "gaze cues" - a person"s tendency to shift attention in a... Read more


Melanopsin study "offers hope to blind people"

A new study into the process of how people perceive light of varying brightness may eventually lead to new therapies for those with advanced retinal disease or even blindness, it has been claimed.

The report, published by the University of Manchester, suggests that retinal ganglion cells... Read more


Pathway inhibitors "could treat retinal diseases"

People suffering from retinal degenerative diseases involving retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) stress may benefit form treatment involving mTOR pathway inhibitors, a new study has suggested.

Research carried out at Stanford University School of Medicine in California, and led by Douglas... Read more


Identifying vision problems "important" in stroke patients

It is vitally important that people who have suffered a stroke are monitored for any changes in their vision, as this can severely affect their rehabilitation, experts have warned.

A new study published by the University of Liverpool has called on healthcare professionals to pay... Read more

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