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Avastin helps save eyesight of two patients

Patients are having their eyesight saved thanks to the innovative use of the drug Avastin, contact lens wearers have learned.

Professor Andrew Lotery, a consultant ophthalmologist at Southampton General Hospital"s eye unit and a... Read more


Retina implant findings revealed

Retina Implant has seen some results from its first human clinical trial, with 11 patients who lost their sight due to retinitis pigmentosa (RP) taking part.

Following the subretinal implant, a few of the patients were able to see objects and shapes with such clarity they could combine... Read more


Certain people "should be wary of 3D films"

Even though most contact lens wearers should not have problems watching 3D films, there are some people that should be wary of such flicks.

Dr Mike Ehrenhaus, an ophthalmologist based in Queens and Brooklyn in New York, told Fox... Read more


Contact lenses "could help doctors diagnose diabetes problems"

A new development in contact lens technology could see the end of diabetes sufferers having to constantly check their blood sugar levels.

Researchers at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, have created hydrogel contact lenses with integrated nanoparticles which chemically react to... Read more


Possible relationship between HRT and cataracts discovered

Contact lens wearers may be interested in research emanating from Sweden which has identified a possible link between hormone replacement therapy (HRT), the popular postmenopausal medication, and incidences of cataracts.

The... Read more


Will contact lens wearers benefit from UMHS centre?

Contact lens wearers may benefit from a new building at the University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) where eye care research will be carried out.

The Brehm Tower at the W K Kellogg Eye Centre Complex features seven eye care... Read more


Embryonic stem cells used to replace diseased retinal cells in mice

A team of researchers have successfully used embryonic stem cells to replace diseased retinal cells in mice.

The study, which was conducted at Columbia University Medical Center, could potentially lead to the development of a new treatment for retinitis pigmentosa, a leading cause of... Read more


Scientists announce retinal degradation breakthrough

Scientists in the United States have revealed that they have moved a step closer to working out the causes behind retinal degeneration.

Looking at the vision of fruit flies, the team from John Hopkins University noted that retinal dystrophies result from inherited defects in the "visual... Read more


Scientists close to eye-controlled headphones

Scientists have presented a prototype of a device that could allow users to control their mobile phones simply by moving their eyes, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Electrodes attached to earphones pick up movement of the eye as the electric potential it emits changes with the direction... Read more


Contact lenses can prevent sun damage

Wearing contact lenses may help reduce the damage that the sun can cause to people"s eyes, according to a study.

Research published in the Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science journal showed that overexposure to UV... Read more

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