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Through the lens: A transparent history of modern contacts

A scleral lens is one that sits on the sclera - the white of the eye in humans - and the advances made in the technology associated with contact lens manufacture and design, as well as scientific know-how, have brought relief to many people who need their vision... Read more


Cornea "uses stem cells to repair itself"

The cornea makes use of stem cells to repair itself, a new study suggests.

Led by professor Yann Barrandon, who holds a joint appointment at two medical facilities in Switzerland, the research used mouse models to demonstrate everyday wear and tear on the cornea.

The scientists... Read more


Eyecare Trust: Contacts can correct almost any prescription

Contact lenses can be used to correct "almost any prescription", the chairman of the Eyecare Trust said recently.

Iain Anderson said that compared to laser eye surgery, they are not so limited in what they can treat and with what... Read more


Don"t suffer with dry eyes, says expert

Those who suffer from dry eyes should not be afraid to seek treatment for the condition.

Some time ago bestselling author Jacquelyn Mitchard teamed up with Allergan and a US organization, Red Hot Mamas (RHM), to raise awareness about the possible long-term consequences of dry... Read more


Bionic eye lens "is the future"

The future of contact lenses is to wear them inside the eye, according to a scientist.

Daily contact lenses - currently the choice of millions of people thanks to their convenience and hygiene benefits - could become redundant... Read more

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