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Custom-made contact lenses "are a miracle"

A woman who has been given back her vision thanks to custom-made contact lenses has described them as being "truly a miracle".

Pamela Cigainero of Houston, Texas, suffered damage to her corneas six years ago in an allergic reaction to medication, abclocal.go.com reports.

But she is... Read more


Camera "could save diabetics" sight"

A diagnostic camera that could help make eye screenings for diabetics more widely available has almost been completed, it has been reported.

US start-up company Aeon Imaging has licensed a diagnostic camera intended to reduce the cost of eye screenings, reported the Indianapolis... Read more


Britons "do not realise diet affects their sight"

Most people in the UK are not aware that what they eat can have an impact on their eyesight, a new study has found.

The poll, for the College of Optometrists, discovered that 65 per cent of people did not know that eyesight is affected by food.

A 52 per cent majority do not eat... Read more


Computer games may improve sight

By Adrian Galbreth

Adults who play action computer games may be able to improve a part of their vision known as contrast sensitivity, it has been found.

Researchers at the University of Rochester in the US looked at experts playing computer games that involved firing at... Read more


Fluidic lenses "could be future of eye examinations"

Adjustable fluidic lenses could be the key to quicker and easier eye examinations in the future, it has been reported.

David Mathine of the College of Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona told optics.org about the possibility of using fluidic lenses by which an eye doctor could... Read more


Permanent contact lens helps woman"s sight

A woman in Alabama underwent a new corrective process to restore some of her sight.

Kasandra Madsen had little peripheral vision in her right eye and has no sight in her left, suffering from severe myopia.

She told Baldwin County Now that she could not have laser surgery because... Read more


Contact lens firm doubles India sales

A contact lens firm whose products help people suffering from keratoconus has doubled its sales in India.

David Thomas Contact Lenses, based in Northampton,... Read more


Eye allergies "could be treated by contact lenses"

People who suffer from eye allergies or other conditions - such as glaucoma - that require frequent use of eye drops could soon benefit from a new drug delivery system incorporating contact lenses.

The editors of... Read more


Contact lenses in New Zealand "improve sight overnight"

Contact lenses which are claimed to help correct vision while the wearer sleeps are being used in New Zealand.

Radio New Zealand reports how the products, called "revise retainer" lenses, are worn overnight and are intended to... Read more


Contact lenses save cat from risky operation

An elderly cat has been saved from having a life-threatening operation by having contact lenses fitted.

Black and white cat Ernest, 15, suffers from entropion, a condition which makes his eyelids roll inwards.

The Daily... Read more

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