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Lens choices outlined for cataracts

People with cataracts have been told of what sort of options exist for them.

In an article for WQAD, Lisa Brothers Arbisser explained that intraocular lenses (IOL) can be used to replace the lens which has become clouded with the cataract.

The Toric lens is a premium monofocal... Read more


Keratoconus-suffering pianist speaks of contact lens history

A piano player who suffers from the eye disease keratoconus has given details of how he has worn contact lenses over the years.

Riley McKinch, who is in his early 20"s, suffered sight deterioration from the age of 13 and was... Read more


Implanted contact lens restores man"s sight

An Alabama man who was legally blind has had a contact lens implanted to correct his extreme short sight.

Clinton Gee spoke to news provider WTVY.com about the procedure, which he had carried out at the Southeast Eye Clinic in... Read more


Contact lens use in Malaysia "on the rise"

Contact lens wearing is seeing an increase in Malaysia.

This is according to a report in the New Straits Times Online, which included data from Ciba Vision.

The report stated that while Taiwan has a Read more


Glasses created for computer vision syndrome

An expert has spoken about the glasses he has developed to help people who spend long periods of time using computers.

Opthalmologist Richard W Yee of the University of Texas Health Science Centre"s Cizik Eye Centre told Ivanhoe that his spectacles help people suffering from sensitivity and... Read more


Presbyopia sufferers "do not need to give up contact lenses"

People who suffer from dry eyes related to presbyopia have been told that they can still wear their contact lenses.

Eye doctor Susan Resnick told the Foster Folly News that Read more


Stem cell contact lenses restoring sight

New contact lenses that make use of a person"s own stem cells have been helping to bring vision back to people with corneal disease.

According to a report in the journal Transplantation, scientists from the University of New South... Read more


Special contact lenses "help colour blindnesss"

People suffering from colour blindness can have their vision helped by using special contact lenses.

Dr Ahmet Girgin announced the findings of his team"s research at the Asia-Pacific Academy of Opthalmology and the American... Read more


Custom contact lenses made for people with eye problems

People who cannot wear ordinary contact lenses may be helped by new custom-made ones being developed in the US.

The work is being done by researchers at the University of Houston"s College of Optometry.

Dr Jason Marsack,... Read more


Geckos may provide insight for contact lenses

A study of the eyes of geckos may provide insight to help develop more sophisticated contact lenses in the future.

Researchers led by Dr Lina Roth of the Department of Cell and Organism Biology at Swedish institution Lund... Read more

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