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Contact lenses can correct astigmatism

People who suffer from astigmatism have been reminded that they could wear contact lenses to get proper sight.

Writing for 24Medica, Adrian Wozniak gave an account of astigmatism and reiterated to sufferers that Read more


Contact lenses "affect enjoyment of life"

Most people believe that wearing contact lenses can have an impact upon their life enjoyment, new research has found.

The global study was carried out by the Vision Care Institute, part of Johnson & Johnson.

It polled... Read more


Keratoconus contact lens lecture delivered

Keratoconus sufferers have been told of their contact lens options in a recent lecture.

Martyn Lewis and Lynn White of UltraVision gave their deliveries to Moorfields Contact Lens Department at Moorfields Hospital.

It was explained how people with keratoconus no longer need to wear... Read more


Preventative measures improve contact lens comfort

An eye care firm in the US has seen satisfaction with contact lenses increase since it brought in a new focus for care.

Colorado-based Fort Collins Eye Doctors - Dr Kisling has started concentrating on preventative eye health and... Read more


Contact lenses correct animals" vision

Contact lenses for animals are being made by a company based in Germany.

S&V Technologies creates custom contact lenses, which are being used to help animals who suffer from cataracts.

When their sight is completely... Read more


Implantable contact lens "an alternative to laser eye surgery"

A surgically-implantable contact lens could be an alternative to laser eye surgery for people with nearsightedness.

The lens, which is placed in front of the natural lens of the eye via a small incision, can be removed and could be... Read more


Contact lens wearer recalls days of glass

The advances in contact lens technology have been pointed out by a woman who uses them.

Writing for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Lisa Scottoline recalled the days when contact... Read more


Contact lenses "do not impact the cornea"s properties"

Long-term wear of contact lenses does not significantly impact corneal resistance factor and corneal hysteresis, according to a new study.

The recently-published results of clinical trials testing a total of 17 subjects indicated... Read more


The contact lens of the future?

By the year 2020 contact lenses may be used as much more than a visual aid, according to the scientist behind a brand new prototype lens.

Designed by nanotechnology expert Babak Parviz, of the University of Washington, US, the new design could be used to turn the humble contact lens into a... Read more


Colour blind man tries contact lenses

A man who suffers from colour blindness has written about his experience of trying contact lenses to correct his vision.

In an article for the Daily Mail, 21-year-old Jolyon Wellington detailed his wearing of ChromaGen Read more

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