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Scientists close to eye-controlled headphones

Scientists have presented a prototype of a device that could allow users to control their mobile phones simply by moving their eyes, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Electrodes attached to earphones pick up movement of the eye as the electric potential it emits changes with the direction... Read more


Contact lenses can prevent sun damage

Wearing contact lenses may help reduce the damage that the sun can cause to people"s eyes, according to a study.

Research published in the Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science journal showed that overexposure to UV... Read more


Environmental impact of contact lenses is "minimal"

One commentator has suggested that contact lenses do not pose a significant threat to the environment.

The Washington Post"s eco expert, known as the Green Lantern, was questioned about whether it would be better for the... Read more


30-day contact lenses don"t boost chance of infection

Using 30-day lenses does not boost a person"s chance of getting an eye infection, it has been claimed.

According to the Guardian"s Dr Tom Smith, after speaking to an optometrist and 30-day lens manufacturer, he was reassured that the lenses are safe.

Dr Smith said he was concerned... Read more


Overnight contact lenses can end reliance on glasses

Wearing overnight contacts lenses can prevent a person from becoming reliant on their glasses or daily disposable lenses, it has been claimed.

According to Dr Kimberley Allen, a corneal refractive therapy-certified optometrist, CRT lenses - also known as night contacts - reshape the eye and... Read more


History of contact lenses detailed by New York Times

Coverage of contact lenses in the media has been traced back as far as 1930 by the New York Times.

The likely first man to come up with the idea was English astronomer John Herschel in 1845 and the first usable lens made from heavy brown glass was reported by German physiologist Adolf E... Read more


Lioness gets contact lenses

A lioness at a zoo in Rome, Italy, became the first in the world to be fitted with contact lenses.

Poor cataracts were to blame for 18-month-old Elsa"s poor eyesight.

She inherited the condition at birth, but it became... Read more


Contact lenses more effective than ever

Contact lenses are safer than ever, and what is more, they can correct vision problems that, in the past could only be helped with glasses, according to one expert.

Speaking to the Malaya newspaper, Dr Jesse B Caguioa, president of the Philippine College of Optometrists, said: "Read more


Drive-through eye care on offer

Residents in Jerseyville, Illinois, can now pick up their contact lenses via a new drive-through service, according to a report.

Illinois newspaper the Telegraph reported that the Bishop Family Eye Care office moved premises to a... Read more


Light-responsive contact lenses developed

UV-protective contact lenses, which darken when exposed to excessive sunlight, have been developed at a laboratory in Singapore.

Eye conditions such as age-related macular degeneration and cataracts are caused by long-term, unprotected exposure to sunlight.

But scientists at the... Read more

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