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Stem cell therapy may lead to new eye treatments

Experts in Japan have published a recent study that suggests a new treatment option for eye disease may be possible, thanks to breakthrough stem cell research.

Specialists at the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology, led by study author Yoshiki Sasai, suggest that human-derived stem... Read more


Demanding computer work "increases eye strain"

People who regularly spend time in front of a computer carrying out visually demanding tasks are at a greater risk of eye strain, a new report suggests.

Experts from Department of Optometry and Visual Science at Buskerud University College in Norway have found that glare and increased... Read more


Passive smoking may lead to hyperopia

A child's risk of developing the eye condition hyperopia may be increased if their parents smoke and they are frequently in a smoke environment, a new study has suggested.

Research carried out by experts at Ain Shams University in Cairo, which was published in the latest issue of... Read more


Women"s need for contact lenses "is not genetic"

Over the years, many different studies have corroborated with each other in confirming that women require glasses or contact lenses for reading earlier than men.

However, the reason for this has never been confirmed, until now, thanks to a... Read more


Evidence Shows That Coffee May Prevent Eye Fatigue.

A study carried out at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, led by Dr. Nicholas Gant has shown that caffeine may help with muscle fatigue caused by exercise.

The chemicals released during rigorous exercise can affect the entire central nervous system, specifically its’ ability to... Read more


Snoring cure "could prevent vision problems"

A common cure for snoring could help to prevent loss of vision in people suffering from diabetes, it has been claimed.

In a recent study carried out at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford, specialists found that 35 patients with diabetic retinopathy, a common vision problem in diabetes... Read more


Blurred Vision in Seniors Can Cause Problems While Walking

As people age, blurred vision is almost inevitable. As presbyopia slowly diminishes the eyes ability to focus clearly, people turn to eye glasses and contact lenses to see clearly. But for people who wear multifocal contact lenses in... Read more


New Glaucoma Treatment Avoids Daily Eye Drops, Lasts Six Months

One of the biggest issues facing glaucoma patients is remembering to take their prescribed eye drops every day. It is estimated that nearly half of all glaucoma patients miss their daily dosage at least once a week, making them much more susceptible to vision loss and blindness.

The good... Read more


Chemical in tap water "may affect vision"

For many years, scientists have warned people about the effects that eating and drinking certain things can have on our health, but tap water is something that most people accepted was good for them.

However, a new study has suggested that people in certain areas may have had their... Read more


Retina transplants improved in new study

Researchers in the UK have developed a method which they hope will lead to more effective retinal transplants in the future.

A team from the Department of Genetics at the University College London Institute of Ophthalmology research team in the UK has found that insulin-like growth... Read more

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