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Eye test "can measure MS pain"

A simple new eye test may be able to effectively measure the pain caused by multiple sclerosis (MS), it has been claimed.

In a new study, experts from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center claim that quick, painless eye measurement shows promise as a way to diagnose MS in its... Read more


Exposure to bright light "improves alertness"

Exposure to very brief, millisecond flashes of bright light improves alertness at night, according to the results of a new study.

Research published at an annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies LLC, shows that subjective sleepiness decreased and objective nighttime... Read more


People with risk of vision loss "should be regularly checked"

People who have an increased risk of vision loss should ensure that they regularly have their eyes tested, one expert has stated.

Dr. Emily Chew, deputy director of the National Eye Institute"s Division of Epidemiology and Clinical Applications, said that people with conditions such as... Read more


Study links antidepressants to cataract risk

A new study has linked antidepressant drugs to an increased risk of developing cataracts.

The investigation, published in Ophthalmology, the journal of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, established a link between the eye disease and two widely-prescribed drugs.

Specialists... Read more


Researchers create retina from embryonic cells

Researchers in the US have successfully created a retina from human embryonic stem cells, which offers hope to millions with degenerative eye disorders.

Experts at the University of California Irvine created an eight-layer, early stage retina from human embryonic stem cells, which is the... Read more


An alternative to laser eye surgery for myopia treatment?

While laser eye surgery is one of the main treatments for people with sight problems, many people find the process a scary prospect.

They may therefore welcome the news that a new type of procedure involving phakic intraocular lenses (IOLs) for correcting short-sightedness could be safer... Read more


Experts make Down"s syndrome and Alzheimer"s eye link

Healthcare experts have established a link between Down"s syndrome and Alzheimer"s disease, claiming that the two conditions are connected through proteins found in the eyes.

According to specialists at Boston University School of Medicine and the Boston University Alzheimer"s Disease... Read more


New contact lenses "may revolutionise the industry"

The creation and launch of new, advanced Contact lenses may help to boost the industry and revolutionise the way that people wear them, according to an industry expert.

Mike King, writing for Companies and Markets, pointed out... Read more


Computer technique "may improve partial sightedness"

A new technique may be able to improve the vision of people who have been left partially sighted after suffering a brain injury or stroke, according to experts.

New research has found that a computer-based technique developed and assessed by Durham University improved partially-sighted... Read more


Gas-permeable lenses "can help keratoconus patients"

A new type of contact lenses may be effective in improving vision in people who cannot usually wear them, according to a new study.

A report published by the French Society of Ophthalmology claims that gas-permeable scleral contact lenses could benefit keratoconus patients who are... Read more

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