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Chemical in tap water "may affect vision"

For many years, scientists have warned people about the effects that eating and drinking certain things can have on our health, but tap water is something that most people accepted was good for them.

However, a new study has suggested that people in certain areas may have had their... Read more


Retina transplants improved in new study

Researchers in the UK have developed a method which they hope will lead to more effective retinal transplants in the future.

A team from the Department of Genetics at the University College London Institute of Ophthalmology research team in the UK has found that insulin-like growth... Read more


Laser Pointers Less Harmful To Aircraft Pilots Than Previously Thought

It’s long been taught that pointing lasers at people is dangerous, as they can potentially cause serious eye damage. It’s many times worse when lasers are aimed at aircraft, because the light can be very distracting, putting the lives of the crew and passengers at risk.

New information... Read more


Experts make eye disease breakthrough

Understanding the formulation and progression of age-related retinal degeneration and the link it has to inflammation may be a step closer, according to the results of a recent study.

The report was carried out by Dr Krzysztof Palczewski and colleagues at Case Western University in... Read more


More Eye Problems Linked to New Born Babies with Zika Virus

Doctors have been studying babies born with the infamous Zika virus and any birth defect possibly related to the infection.

Some are reporting to have found previously undocumented eye problems possibly linked to the virus. Researchers have observed retinal lesions, hemorrhaging, and... Read more


Johnson & Johnson teams up with HP regarding plans for 3D printed Contact Lenses.

A recently announced collaboration between tech giant HP and medical manufacturer Johnson & Johnson will eventually lead to new 3D printed devices that will benefit millions. The first of which is likely to be sunlight-enabled personalized contact lenses.

According to Peter Shen, the VP of... Read more


New implant "could restore sight to the blind"

People with serious vision problems may soon have to suffer no more, thanks to a new type of technology that could restore sight, even to blind people.

According to Nano-Retina, which manufactures the Bio-Retina device, it works by being implanted into the eye under local anaesthetic,... Read more


First Successful Human Transplant Of Skin To Eye Stem Cells

For the first time in history, researchers have safely and successfully transplanted human skin stem cells into the back of the eye as a means to restore eye sight.

The results of the surgery and the research involved are being presented at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Association... Read more


Green Light May Help Alleviate Migraines

Many headache migraine sufferers feel that their pain and discomfort get worse when exposed to bright light. This leads to them seeking out darkness in order to feel relief, which can interfere with many day to day activities and responsibilities.

New data shows that exposing light... Read more


Eye Therapy Tests In Mice Reverse Eye Symptoms Related To Diabetes

Diabetic retinopathy, vision loss due to diabetes, is the number one cause of diabetes for adults living in the developed world.

So many people are afflicted by the condition because there is no known cure, limited treatment options, and even the best prevention methods only provide... Read more

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