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Special contact lenses "help colour blindnesss"

People suffering from colour blindness can have their vision helped by using special contact lenses.

Dr Ahmet Girgin announced the findings of his team"s research at the Asia-Pacific Academy of Opthalmology and the American... Read more


Custom contact lenses made for people with eye problems

People who cannot wear ordinary contact lenses may be helped by new custom-made ones being developed in the US.

The work is being done by researchers at the University of Houston"s College of Optometry.

Dr Jason Marsack,... Read more


Geckos may provide insight for contact lenses

A study of the eyes of geckos may provide insight to help develop more sophisticated contact lenses in the future.

Researchers led by Dr Lina Roth of the Department of Cell and Organism Biology at Swedish institution Lund... Read more


Tear research "to shed light on contact lenses"

A US study is looking at tears to discover the impact of contact lenses on the general health of the eye.

Volunteers are wearing silicone hydrogel contact lenses while... Read more


Soft contact lenses "do not affect cornea measurements"

Measurements of the cornea of the eye are not altered by wearing soft contact lenses on a long-term basis, it has been found.

OSN Super Site reported the findings from a study by Dr Anja Kissner, looking at Read more


Implantable contact lenses "give new hope"

The availability of implantable contact lenses brings new hope to people who need vision correction, according to an expert.

Opthalmologist Dr Daniel Wilson, who works at the Shannon Clinic and Angelo Laser Eye Centre in Texas,... Read more


Demand rises for prosthetic eyes in Islamabad

There is a rising demand for ocular prosthetics in Islamabad, according to a report.

Mohammed Rashid, who heads the department for contact lenses and artificial eyes at the Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital, told Pakistani publication the News that more and more people are coming in for... Read more


Infra-red light "may repair eyesight damage"

People who have harmed their eyesight through exposure to bright light may be able to recover through use of infra-red rays.

Dr Krisztina Valter of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Vision Science, which comprises research carried out by four universities in Australia, headed a team which has... Read more


New products "for people with difficulty wearing contact lenses"

A US optometrist has said that people who have had difficulty in finding or wearing contact lenses in the past can make use of new products.

Speaking to Naples Daily News, Dr James R Seibold said that people with severe astigmatism or myopia, or who have dry eyes, have options available to... Read more


Eye exercises "can help vision"

Eye exercises can help to improve someone"s vision, according to a US professor.

Dr Janice Wensveen, clinical associate professor at the College of Optometry in the University of Houston, made the claim.

She suggested one exercise in which people bring a pencil closer to their... Read more

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