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SMHS Hospital Performs Three Successful Corneal Transplants

Eye surgeons at the SMHS Hospital in Karan Nagar, Srinagar, have just performed three successful corneal transplants. Amazingly, all of the formerly blind patients that were operated on can now see... Read more


Shamir UK Shows Off New Autograph InTouch Contacts

The manufacturer Shamir UK has just released a brand new line of contacts ideal for smartphone addicts. Called Autograph InTouch, these soft multi-purpose contacts have special As-Worn technology that... Read more


One American Children's Hospital Helps Cure Infant Blindness In Armenia

To address this need, the Children's Hospital of LA established the Armenia EyeCare Project. Ophthalmologist Thomas Lee, the current director of the hospital's Vision Center, serves as the head doctor on this project.

When Dr. Lee visited Armenia... Read more


New Review Argues Electronic Retinal Implants Are Worth The Cost

A group of researchers have just released a review arguing that electronic retinal implants are worth the investment for people suffering serious retinal diseases. Although these implants... Read more


University of Leeds Teams Up With Merck For Liquid Crystal Research

The major American pharmaceutical technology company Merck has just decided to work with University of Leeds on some exciting new tech projects. This partnership will... Read more


UK's Grafton Optical Releases First Pulsed Light Technology For Dry Eye Patients

The British company Grafton Optical is ramping up promotion efforts for its revolutionary E-Eye device. The E-Eye machine was specifically designed to help people suffering dry eye symptoms due to meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD).

The French company ESW Vision is responsible for both... Read more


UK Scientists Release Study Results On Revolutionary Magnetic Eye Implants

English researchers have just created the world's first magnetic implants that can successfully control eye movement. Eye doctors around the world are hopeful these new oculomotor prosthetics could cure the debilitating flickering eye disease... Read more


UK Now Has Lowest Level Of Smokers Of All Time

A new survey from the not-for-profit Cancer Research UK shows the amount of smokers in the United Kingdom has fallen to its lowest level ever. Researchers believe this sharp decline in UK smokers is directly related to the smoking restriction laws... Read more


Soft Contacts Pose No Adverse Risk To Children, New Study Suggests

A brand new American study clearly shows that soft contacts are safe for children and adolescents to wear. This study also suggests that soft contacts may actually be safer on children than on adults.

Mark Bullimore, a professor at the University of Houston College of Optometry, was the... Read more


Two New Lenses For Presbyopia Patients Show Great Promise

Two brand new reports show contact lens wearers prefer the latest multifocal lens designs to their everyday contact lenses. Researchers delivered the results from these two studies at the latest Optometry's Meeting, which was put together by the American Optometric Association.

One of... Read more

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