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Sarah Jessica Parker Dishes About Her Smoky Eye Makeup

News outlets have just revealed that American actress Sarah Jessica Parker wears her distinctive smoky eye makeup both on and off the red carpet. Parker told reporters that she loves the way her eyes look with the sultry dark color around them, so she just decided to put on this makeup every... Read more


Mum's life saved by eye exam

A Stafford mum can thank her lucky stars that she went to see her optician.

Ms Hartford, 33, went to get her eye checked after she woke up with problems in her left eye. She said: "The pupil in my left eye was constricted and my eyelid was drooping considerably when I woke up. I also had a... Read more


Ian McKinley: The One Eyed Rugby Wonder

The story of the former Leinster rugby out-half Ian McKinley is a tale of resilience. Even though he may never play for Dublin again, he will certainly go down as one of Ireland's great heroes.

McKinley's journey began at the age of 19 when he played for the University College Dublin... Read more


GM's Newest Cadillac Will Be Equipped With Eye-Tracking Software

GM's eye tracking technology, which they plan to put in the front cabin of this new model, is a first for driver-assistance cars. Although Volvo and Tesla Motors have introduced self-driving systems in some of their vehicles, GM will be the first to release a car capable of monitoring a driver's... Read more


Cyclops Beetle grows Third Eye

At the University of Indiana, three-eyed dung beetles are teaching researchers something unexpected about evolution of facial features.

Insects like beetles hatch as larvae and then transition into full-grown bugs. Like all other life forms, its DNA has a working plan for the maturation... Read more


Cute baby born with one eye will get artificial eye

Little Izabella Myers was born with just one eye. Now doctors are prepping her for a prosthetic, a process which cannot be completed until she is a bit older.

Izabella, now just nine months old, was born with micropthalmia, a condition in which one or both eyes are unusually small. In her... Read more


A Young Student in New Delhi Is Cured of Eye Stoke

Doctors in New Delhi, India, are being credited with curing a young man suffering from a very rare eye condition. The 20-year old student had been suffering from a condition known as eye stroke, which left him with blind spots and, at times, a total loss of vision.

The official name for... Read more


Edward Bennett: A Pioneer In Gas Permeable Lenses Officially Recognized

Dr. Edward Bennett was recently included on the list of the 30 most influential people involved in contact lens research. This list was published by Contact Lens Spectrum and it featured 30 people who actively worked in the field between 1986 and 2016.

The writers at Contact Lens Spectrum... Read more


A Film Crew Wants To Discover If Extraterrestrials Are Really Living On Argentina's “Eye Island”

A very strange island known as "The Eye" in Argentina is sparking a great deal of interest amongst scientists, UFO theorists, and filmmakers around the world. This floating circular island has caused a great deal of speculation both inside and outside the scientific community, and one film crew... Read more


Too Much Mobile Phone Use Can Damage the Eyes

The extended use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets by children is likely to have adverse permanent effects on their eyesight. In what appears to be a new problem for the youngest generation, frequent and prolonged use of these devices is becoming more and more... Read more

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