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New Eye Test for Alzheimer's to be tested on Humans

A new study published in the journal Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science details plans for human testing for a new experimental eye test for Alzheimer’s disease. This new testing method has already been used successfully on mice, and should begin testing on humans as early as August,... Read more


Black And White Therapy Helps Restore Vision in Blind Mice

The National Institutes of Health (US) recently funded a study that focused on how high-contrast visual stimulation helps repair damaged retinal neurons in mice by stimulating the regrowth of optic nerve fibers.

These fibers, called retinal ganglion cell axons, are very long, thin cells... Read more


Placenta Tissue Being Used To Treat Eye Problems.

The placenta is what lies on the other end of the umbilical cord after it’s snipped from the baby, and is a byproduct of the birthing process. Most of the time they are discarded, but some mothers opt to donate them to be used in medical research.

Some doctors, like Chike Mordi from... Read more


New Discovery Sheds Light on How Certain Bacterial Infections Affect Human Eyes.

New research was shown this week at the ASM Microbe research meeting in Boston, Massachusetts which details a new discovery on the way bacteria cause dramatic changes in human eye cells.

The study focused on a common bacterial contaminant found on Read more


Infant’s Response to Visual Stimuli Quickens As They Age.

Results from a new study show that infants and toddlers require more time to notice new visual stimuli, and their gaze is less accurate than adults. However, both of these skills appear to improve slowly as they grow. This data helps to stress the significance of providing young children with... Read more


Recent development "can help blind people to read"

An innovative development could effectively enable blind people to 'see', which could potentially transform the way in which written text is absorbed by those with vision loss.

The method has been developed by experts at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is designed to help train... Read more


New Eye Tracking Glasses Stand Up To Their Larger, Faster Predecessors.

Eye tracking technology has been very instrumental in many scientific fields in recent years. It has been used in some studies to monitor where a persons focus and attention lie when looking at images and videos of social interaction, allowing medical researchers to detect differences in how... Read more


Contact lens technology "improving all the time"

Contact lenses and other vision technology are playing an increasingly important role in improving eyesight in the visually impaired, according to a leading eye care specialist.

There are around 39 million blind people globally and 246... Read more


Does acne medication raise the risk of eye infections?

An acne prescription medication could be having an adverse effect on teens" eye health.

This common adolescent skin condition is suffered across the globe, with varying levels of severity. Although completely disassociated from the health of the eyes, scientists have found that some... Read more


Can playing outside reduce nearsightedness risk?

Playing outside may actually be good for your kids' eye health, helping them to avoid developing near sightedness, according to new research.

Australian scientists are hoping to shed more light on this claim in a new study, which they are planning to use as a basis for more comprehensive... Read more

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