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Why New Lab Grown Cornea Cells Are Such a Big Deal

The cell structures that exist within the eye are so complicated that scientists are still amazed by them today. Although the eyes are quite stunning, they are also very exposed and very susceptible to damage and disease. Indeed, many people are living with some kind of eye problem, whether it is... Read more


Patients with Ocular Melanoma Have a New Treatment Option

The medical community is very hopeful that they have found a cure for a somewhat rare form of cancer known as ocular melanoma (OM). OM affects thousands of people annually and has no official treatment strategy as of yet.

The new treatment for OM being used by a few surgeons across the USA... Read more


New Technology Helps Stroke Survivors Regain Their Vision and Their Confidence

A brand new therapy is showing great promise for helping people who have visual problems due to brain injuries. The treatment method is called NeuroEyeCoach. This program was recently tested by scientists at Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich, the University of Verona, and the University of... Read more


Liverpool Researchers Test Post-Stroke Visual Assessment Tool

A brand new visual assessment tool is now being developed and tested to help stroke units better assess visual problems in stroke patients. This miraculous tool will reportedly require absolutely no visual experts and no new training for the stroke unit staff to operate.

The team behind... Read more


Eye exams may soon detect Alzheimer’s

Traditionally when you go to your eye doctor, you get checked for refractive errors, glaucoma, cataracts and perhaps Macular Degeneration. Soon you may be able to add something new to that... Read more


The UK Will Administer the Largest Eye Survey Ever

The United Kingdom's average life expectancy has risen steadily over the years. Most UK residents can expect to make it to at least 81 years old. With so many more people living longer, of course, the incidence of eye problems is also set to rise. In order to effectively plan for the future,... Read more


The Inner Eye of Perception: New Research On The Effects of a Direct Gaze On The Mind

A team of researchers from France and Finland teamed up to study the effects of direct eye contact on a person's perception of themselves and others. Interestingly, these researchers discovered that direct eye contact with another human heightens a subject's powers of introspection and... Read more


Scientists pinpoint colour sensing cells

For the first time, scientists have identified specific colour-sensing cells in the human eye and turned them on. And somewhat surprisingly, many of them don’t help us to perceive colour, according to a report in Science Advances.

The team found 273 cone cells in the eyes of two male... Read more


Scientists Discover New Eye Movement

People blink thousands of times a day and never give it a second thought, but scientists in Germany have discovered a previously unknown way we move our eyes.

A team from the University of Tübingen in Central Germany investigated the eye motions of 11 people by attaching very fine wires... Read more


Cyclops Beetle grows Third Eye

At the University of Indiana, three-eyed dung beetles are teaching researchers something unexpected about evolution of facial features.

Insects like beetles hatch as larvae and then transition into full-grown bugs. Like all other life forms, its DNA has a working plan for the maturation... Read more

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