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New discovery "could prevent blindness"

For decades, researchers have attempted to discovery a cure for blindness, a sensory deprivation that can have an extremely negative impact on people"s lives, but at long last hope appears to be around the corner for people at risk of losing their sight.

According to a recent study by... Read more


Drinking more water "can reduce appearance of eye bags"

Women can help to limit the appearance of bags under their eyes by drinking more water, according to one specialist.

Jane Druker, a health and beauty expert, said that dark circles are often a sign of dehydration, so the only way to improve them is to drink "plentiful quantities" of... Read more


Man regains eyesight through stem cell therapy

The wonders of medicine never fail to amaze, and one man that can testify to the ability of doctors to change lives is 62-year-old American Carl Stevens.

He recently regained the vision that had been taken away seven years ago thanks to a breakthrough stem cell therapy in India that... Read more


Operation can "freeze" poor eyesight

A relatively new procedure pioneered by Dr David Allamby at the Focus Laser Vision clinic in Wimpole Street and can help to improve the eyesight of people by effectively "freezing" their sight, the London Evening Standard reports.

According to the expert behind it, the ten-minute... Read more


Hololens, an exciting development in networked technology.

One of the most exciting developments in networked technology, or any technology really, is augmented reality.

This has to date been mostly limited to mobile phones. In one app, for instance, you can see what businesses are nearby.

Microsoft is working on a virtual reality... Read more


Experts shed light on how evolution shaped eyesight

A recent study shed some light on why evolutionarily ancient brain areas are important and how they affect people"s eyesight.

According to the report, published in the Journal of Neuroscience by experts from Ruhr-University Bochum in Germany, structures in the midbrain that developed... Read more


Stretchable Nanoscale device ideal for smart contact lenses

A new nanoscale device capable of manipulating light has been created by Australian researchers.

With the smart materials ability to filter specific colours it has the possibility of being used for smart of contact lenses which... Read more


New drug could offer hope to eye cancer sufferers

For years, experts have been attempting to develop a medication which can help to treat people suffering from eye cancer, which is particular deadly condition suffered by thousands of people across the planet.

Now, it seems that a drug commonly used to treat seizures can make eye tumours... Read more


New study reveals how people see family resemblances

The vast majority of people can compare a man and woman or a parent and baby and see when two people of different age or sex are genetically related, despite not knowing they are part of the same family, but not much has been known about how we compute this process until now.

A recent study... Read more


Feeling grey? Now we know why

Experts have known for years that many people perceive colour differently to others, with what we think of as "blue" often perceived as what we would class as "purple" by someone else, but researchers in the US have published a new study which examines the perception of colour and different shades... Read more

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