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New contact lenses "can cure dry eyes"

A new type of contact lens has been developed which the creators claim can help to cure the symptoms of dry eyes.

According to specialists at Duke University in the US, the new lens is filled with fluid and works by moving over the cornea and... Read more


Seafood "can protect the eyes"

People who regularly eat seafood may find that doing so helps to protect their vision, a new study has indicated.

According to research carried out by experts at Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, eating foods which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids can help to stave... Read more


New test "could catch glaucoma early"

A new test that measures the functionality of the eye"s retinal nerve cells may help to detect glaucoma early and ultimately prevent blindness, according to researchers in the US.

Experts led by Dr Mitra Sehi and Dr David Greenfield from the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute at the University... Read more


Eye vessel changes "indicate heart disease"

Changes to the shape of the retinal arterioles - vessels in the eyes - may be an indication that older people are at risk of a cardiovascular disease caused by air pollution, a new study has suggested.

Researchers led by Sara Adar at the University of Washington and the University of... Read more


The right nutrients "the key to good eyesight"

The key to great eyesight is consuming the right nutrients, according to a new study in Germany.

Researcher Florian Schweigert, from the Institute of Nutritional Science at the University of Potsdam, conducted a new study entitled Micronutrients and their Importance to the Eye, which... Read more


Implant coatings may change contact lens design

New research has revealed that it may be possible to permanently bind antibacterial coatings to medical devices - a development which may affect the contact lens industry.

According to experts at University of South Australia, this can be achieved... Read more


Perceptual training "can improve vision"

The vision of older people could be improved through perceptual training, according to the latest report.

A study carried out by the University of California, Riverside and Boston University shows that the repeated performance of certain visual tasks that are at the limits of a person"s... Read more


Genetic mutation "the cause of eye cancer"

A genetic mutation which causes the most common form of eye cancer has been discovered by experts in the US.

According to the report, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers have isolated an oncogene called GNA11 and have found that it is present in more than 40 per... Read more


Scan identifies cause of inherited blindness

A team of researchers has identified a new transcription factor scan which identifies the genetic cause of retinitis pigmentosa, an inherited eye disorder which causes blindness.

The multinational collaboration between Regensburg"s Institute of Human Genetics in St Louis, other partners and... Read more


Laser system "benefits cataracts patients"

A new type of laser system has been shown to be beneficial during cataracts surgery, offering hope to the millions of people around the world who suffer from the eye problem.

Global ophthalmic device company OptiMedica said that results from a clinical study of its Catalys Precision Laser... Read more

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