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Swedish Researchers Use New Eye Test To Check For Diabetic Neuropathy

Researchers at Sweden'sUmeå University believe they have discovered a novel way to determine the likelihood type 2 diabetics will experience nerve damage in their lifetimes. The... Read more


​One of the biggest obstacles to increasing contact lens use is simply comfort

One of the biggest obstacles to increasing contact lens use in the United Kingdom is simply comfort: people who are not comfortable in contact lenses simply will quit wearing them. And who can blame them?

Anyone who has had any irritation about the eye will instantly understand. Whether... Read more


So you’re about to walk the aisle and get married

You have lots of decisions to make, some big some small.

You have to pick a location, find a willing cleric, buy some fairly expensive one-off clothes, arrange for a reception, pay for an expensive cake, not to mention all the small things like invitations and so on.

The list of... Read more


Glasses Developed In Hong Kong Could Help Kids With Myopia

According to a new study in Hong Kong, a novel pair of glasses could dramatically slow down the progression of myopia. Researchers hope these new eyeglasses... Read more


Retina Scans Could Predict A Teen’s Risk Of Cardiac Disease

Scientists in Australia have released a study that suggests there’s a deep correlation between retinal health and heart disease. According to this... Read more


New UK Social Enterprise Encourages Early Childhood Vision Screenings

The French-born businesswoman Cecile Beaufils is on a mission to increase awareness on childhood eye issues in the UK. To achieve this goal, Ms. Beaufils created the social enterprise... Read more


Retinal Infractions Are An Early Warning Sign Of Stroke, New Study Shows

A new study reveals a strong correlation between retinal infractions and the risk of brain strokes. Scientists hope this new research will encourage primary care doctors to send retinal infraction patients to... Read more


Study Suggests Novice Pilots Pick Up Visual Skills By Observing Expert's Eye Movements

A new study out of SUNY Downstate Medical Center found that student pilots could improve their visual skills just by... Read more


Laser Beam Contacts Could Soon Become A Reality

Scientists in Scotland have just revealed the world’s first contacts that are able to shoot out laser beams. Soon everyone will have access to this incredible superpower…minus the burning other people to shreds part.

According to a Read more


Frog Embryos Could Help Develop Stem Cell Therapies For Human Eyes

The eyes of a unique South African frog embryo could help doctors better understand how human eye tissue can naturally heal itself. Well, at least that’s according to a new Read more

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