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Transitions Optical Partners With Channel 4 On "Live The Good Light" Campaign

Executives at Transitions Optical received so much positive feedback from their Live the Good Light campaign that they've decided to continue to "spread the light"... Read more


Two Lipid Mediators Could Cure Glaucoma, New Study Suggests

Canadian and American vision experts have just made an incredible discovery that could change how eye doctors think about treating Read more


Two Major UK Hospitals Raise Awareness Of Cornea Donation This World Sight Day

Health officials at both West Suffolk Hospital and Essex County Hospital used this year's World Sight Day to raise awareness of the shortage of corneas at UK... Read more


UK Parliament Considers Ways To Improve Drivers' Vision

John Hayes, the UK's Minister for Transport Legislation and Maritime, was invited to speak in the House of Commons on November 30th. In his speech to MPs, Hayes suggested Parliament require the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to promote regular vision screenings for all UK... Read more


UK Professors Reveal Link Between Myopia And Glaucoma Using A Synchrotron

British researchers have just uncovered a major link between near-sightedness (aka myopia) and glaucoma. Scientists involved in this study say differences in protein collagen deposits are to... Read more


UK Researchers Measure Retinal Surface Area With 3D MRI

Researchers from three prominent UK universities have just performed the world's first successful three-dimensional MRI scan of the human eye. Ophthalmologists around the... Read more


University Of Bonn Leads Pan-European AMD Research Project

Universities across Europe are teaming up to combat the rising epidemic of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Through this collaborative effort, European researchers hope to create novel... Read more


University Of Pennsylvania Team Focuses on Cyclists Eyes for Bike Safety Study

Megan S. Ryerson, assistant professor of transportation planning at the University of Pennsylvania, recently released... Read more


UVA Doctors Discover Enzyme In Dry AMD Patients' Eyes

A new study out of the University of Virginia shows that an enzyme typically associated with infections appears in the eyes of age-related Read more


Canadian Boy Almost Goes Blind Due To Nutrient-Deficient Diet

An 11-year-old Canadian boy is recovering from severe eye conditions caused by an extremely restrictive diet.

When this child arrived at the hospital, he had extremely dry conjunctiva, foamy corneas, and keratinized patches. When doctors tested the boy's vision, they found that he couldn't... Read more

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