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Blind people gain access to benefit

By Martin Burns

People suffering severe visual impairment are now able to claim more in benefits after a bill amendment was passed in the House of Commons.

The change to the Welfare Reform Bill was put forward by John Robertson MP of Labour.

He told the house: "There is... Read more


Eyecare awards winners announced

By Alexa Kaczka

Manufacturers of eye products such as contact lenses, glasses and sunglasses have been given awards at a Russian conference.

Moscow-based exhibition organisation Expocentre announced the winners of the National Optical Award Grand Prix MSOO, which were first held... Read more


Charity glasses appeal could hit 2,000

By Alexa Kaczka

A charity mission seeking donations of spectacles for people in Africa hopes to find over 2,000 pairs.

The Royal Bolton Hospital has already received almost 1,500 pairs for the mission, the Bolton News reports.

Sylvia Smith, the hospital worker who has been... Read more


Eye makeup suggestions given for mothers

By Emily Tait

People who want to spoil their mothers on Sunday by giving cosmetics have been advised how to choose the best eye makeup products.

The Glasgow Daily Record suggested buying mothers eyeshadow in plum and metallic shades.

It recommended Marks & Spencer"s... Read more


Koreans warned to prepare against dry eyes

People in Korea have been warned about the dryness of the country"s spring and told to protect their eyes.

The Korea Times told readers about the winds and yellow dust that can cause irritation at this time of year.

People can also find these conditions affect their wearing of Read more


Basketball player loses contact lens

An American high school basketball player lost a contact lens in a fall during a game, it has been reported.

News website boston.com reported how in the Division 2 girls" sectional finals, senior guard Kelsey Roberson suffered a... Read more


Sportsman exposes eye gouging

A New Zealander and Old Etonian who played sports for England has spoken of how eye gouging would take place during rugby games.

John Daniell"s book Rugby Mercenary describes how the practice would be carried out when playing la fourchette, French rugby.

"It"s even worse if, like... Read more


Bausch & Lomb starts presbyopia and contact lens education programme

Bausch & Lomb has launched an education initiative in the US to inform people about presbyopia and how multifocal contact lenses may treat it.

According to Keir Meisner, director of US marketing for lenses with the company,... Read more


Get a retro eye make-up look

Advice has been given for women who want to recreate the 1960s look with their eye make-up.

FemaleFirst "s Jessica Watson reported that this style is back in fashion and explained how to go about achieving it.

First, eyeshadow in a bronze hue should be applied over the eye"s outer... Read more


Sienna Miller "didn"t recognise herself" in coloured contact lenses

Sienna Miller has told of how dramatically her appearance was altered when she wore coloured contact lenses for a new film.

In an interview with Total Film magazine, picked up by the Coventry Telegraph, she spoke... Read more

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