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One Londoner Warns Of The Dangers Of Mixing Water And Contacts

Anyone who wears contacts should really listen to one of Irenie Ekkeshis's speeches. After losing sight in one of her eyes due to poor contact hygiene, Ekkeshis now teaches fellow contact lens wearers how to properly care of their contacts and how to avoid... Read more


Love Your Hospital Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For New Ophthalmology Department

One future eye care unit in Great Britain is looking for financial support in a new crowdfunding webpage. This fundraising campaign was launched by the non-profit organization”> Love Your Hospital for the new ophthalmology centre in Shoreham's Southlands Hospital.

Love Your Hospital... Read more


Stanford University Engineers Hope Research Into Corneal Cells Will Help Heal Dry Eyes

New research into the biomechanics of the eye could lead to groundbreaking treatments for dry eye patients. In particular, this research could be used to design more comfortable contact lenses that help increase tear production and keep dry eye... Read more


Two Universities Have Created Revolutionary Retina Implants For AMD Patients

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a major condition affecting the retinae of people 40 and above. If left untreated, AMD could lead to complete blindness. Although there's no cure for AMD... Read more


How Contacts Could Help Slow Down The Myopia Epidemic

Nearsightedness (aka myopia) is becoming the norm in many parts of the developed world. Believe it or not, 90 percent of college age students in South Korea now have glasses for myopia. While Asian nations are the... Read more


New Tufts Report Proves Artificial Eyes Can Work On Tadpoles

A group of American scientists have just made a great contribution to our understanding of bioengineered eyes. One new study out of Tufts University shows that with the... Read more


Multiple Bevacizumab Eye Injections Linked With Increased Glaucoma Risk

Patients who get bevacizumab eye injections should really take note of a new study put out by researchers at the University of British Columbia. These Canadian researchers found that patients who received multiple bevacizumab eye injections annually had a greater incidence of developing Read more


North East Lincolnshire CCG Set To Dramatically Cut Wait Times In April

Residents of North East Lincolnshire will soon find it easier to get an eye appointment at their local clinical commissioning group (CCG). That's because the NHS North East Lincolnshire CCG has decided to commission a group of specialized eye care providers from the company Read more


Near-Vision Linked To Dementia in New Bordeaux Study

A new French study reveals a possible link between near-vision problems and dementia risk in patients over 65. Eye care doctors around the world are now suggesting that older patients take their eye symptoms seriously and don't just write off near-vision problems as an inevitable sign of... Read more


Oregon State Develops Revolutionary Contacts For Type 1 Diabetics

Anyone who has type 1 diabetes knows how difficult this disease can be to manage. Doctors recommend checking blood sugar levels around eight times every day, which is extremely inconvenient and painful for many diabetics.

Thankfully, a group of researchers at Oregon State University are... Read more

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