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British Man Becomes First Ever To Undergo Retinitis Pigmentosa DNA Re-Coding Therapy

One blind Briton has become the first patient in the world to undergo a DNA modification therapy for retinitis pigmentosa. This experimental treatment, which took place at the Oxford Eye Hospital, was designed to treat the x-linked genetic eye disorder that often causes blindness in younger... Read more


Indigenous Australians Are Receiving Better Ear And Eye Care Thanks To Two Major Initiatives

Australia has good reason to be proud about its "Close the Gap" Indigenous eye health campaign. At the latest Close the Gap conference in Melbourne, a... Read more


Oxford Involved In Revolutionary Gene Therapy For Serious Eye Disease

Researchers at Oxford University are very excited about a new gene therapy targeting retinitis pigmentosa. Over the next few months, British doctors hope to test out this new treatment method on up to 30 patients from the UK.

Oxford researchers involved in this study first tested out their... Read more


A Flash Photograph Revealed Rare Disease In U.K. Toddler's Eye

One flash photo literally saved a British toddler's life. Jaxson Scrivens, who was 14-months-old at the time this photo was taken, showed clear signs of the childhood cancer Retinoblastoma (RB) in his left eye. Luckily for Jaxson, his parents were able to put him into treatment right away. Now... Read more


Washington State Researchers Design Powerful Colour Detector Glasses

A group of American researchers have just created a pair of glasses designed to give users an amazing superpower. These new high-tech glasses have been designed to tell the difference between colours that look the same to our naked eyes.

The researchers responsible for these glasses come... Read more


Florida Stem Cell Clinic Blinds Three Women With Stem Cell Injections

A new report shows that one Florida stem cell clinic was responsible for blinding three elderly patients. These three female patients were told they were participating in a study on age-related macular degeneration Read more


Red Colour Channel Eye Scans Can Help Detect Diabetes-Related Eye Diseases

Eye doctors might be able to better detect diabetic eye diseases in minority patients by separating out red colour channels in eye scans. That's according to a brand new study published by the American Academy of Optometry.

Mastour A. Alhamami, a professor at Indiana University School of... Read more


Portuguese Study Proves Mediterranean Diet Can Reduce Risk Of Macular Degeneration

A new Portuguese study suggests that a Mediterranean-based diet can cut a person's risk of getting macular degeneration by one-third.

20 eye care professionals conducted this study at Coimbra University in central Portugal. All in all, these professional ophthalmologists analyzed 6,000... Read more


Snapchat Announces AR Updates To Lenses Feature

Social media giant Snapchat is reportedly working on a new version of its popular Lenses feature. The updated Lenses feature will make use of the latest innovations in... Read more


Sunlight Is Essential For Blindness Prevention And Overall Health

A daily dose of natural sunlight is essential for optimal health. Not only does sunlight help our body produce Vitamin D, doctors are now discovering that natural sunlight may be essential for our emotional well-being. Believe it or not, some eye doctors believe a bit of sunlight every day could... Read more

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