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Snap Unveils Eye-Popping Camera Spectacles

Snapchat, now known as simply Snap, has introduced an intriguing new device: a pair of sunglasses with a camera built in.

The Spectacles will take video – limited to 10 second bursts and 30 seconds total – which may then be uploaded and shared online.

You film by simply tapping... Read more


Paris Fashion Week Closed With Touching Blind Fashion Show

This year's Paris Fashion Week closed with a very moving event dedicated to all people who suffer from blindness or partial blindness. The final day of this fashion festival hosted an event called Blind Fashion Show. This event featured many visually impaired models walking down the catwalk with... Read more


Liverpool Researchers Test Post-Stroke Visual Assessment Tool

A brand new visual assessment tool is now being developed and tested to help stroke units better assess visual problems in stroke patients. This miraculous tool will reportedly require absolutely no visual experts and no new training for the stroke unit staff to operate.

The team behind... Read more


Japanese Company Seiko Set To Launch Seiko Prime Lenses in Europe

The optical products company Seiko is very excited to release their Seiko Prime lens portfolio all across Europe. These digital progressive lenses have done extremely well in tests, and the company feels confident letting the general public enjoy the benefits of this brand new... Read more


It’s a brave new world for card cheats and high tech contact lenses

In China, a man named Feng lost 70,000 Yuan (£8,148) to card cheats who were using marked decks and infrared contact lenses.

Mr. Feng, who runs a pesticide business, was in Dali, in Yunin Province when met his game partners and they conned him into playing.

One player was wearing... Read more


If You've Suffered From Dry Eyes For Years, Maybe It's Time To Try Xiidra

A brand new prescription strength drug is being released to help those who struggle with dry eye symptoms.

The new drug, which is called Xiidra, is officially classed as an... Read more


29-Year-Old Gamer Leaves Sony Behind to Bring Eye-Tracking to Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has come a very long way since Jaron Lanier invented the concept in the 1980s. It still has some critical shortcomings however, and one of the most basic is a lack of eye contact.

It’s one thing to wander through a vast virtual territory but as soon as you meet anyone,... Read more


Eye exams may soon detect Alzheimer’s

Traditionally when you go to your eye doctor, you get checked for refractive errors, glaucoma, cataracts and perhaps Macular Degeneration. Soon you may be able to add something new to that... Read more


Microsoft Announces a New Cambridge Team Working on HoloLens Computer Vision Technology

The tech giant Microsoft recently announced an exciting new venture in one of their recent blog posts. In this post, the Microsoft team said that they have formed a special team of researchers in Cambridge, UK, to work specifically on HoloLens computer vision technology.

This blog post was... Read more


Canada Promotes and Honors Visually Impaired Workers This October

The month of October is officially recognized as the National Disability Employment Awareness month by the Canadian government. During this time, many Canadian groups work to highlight and promote the achievements of disabled workers all across the ten provinces of the Great White... Read more

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