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New PBS Documentary "Sight: The Story Of Vision" Gets The Red Carpet Treatment

The red carpet premiere for the documentary SIGHT: The Story of Vision took place in Los Angeles recently. This premiere didn't take place on just any old day; it actually took place on a very special date: October 13th.

If you don't know what's so special about October 13th, don't fret.... Read more


Researchers Capture Images Of Live Photoreceptors For The First Time

American researchers have published images of cone photoreceptor cells from live human eyes, a first in the history of ophthalmology. Professors at the University of California, Davis, as well as Indiana University's School of Optometry carried out this study. These stunning images were published... Read more


RNIB Members Successfully Raise Funds on an Icelandic Adventure

Some workers at the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) have been very busy exploring some of the finest natural scenery in the world. Just recently, a few adventurous staff members at the RNIB took a trip to the magnificent Republic of Iceland with a group of fellow nature lovers.... Read more


Self-Professed "Shy Girl" Becomes The UK's Youngest Dispensing Optician

Eleanor Hill is quite the celebrity in the UK's optician community. This professional dispensing optician is currently the youngest in all of the UK. Hill, only 19 years old, has proven herself a very capable dispensing optician at Benjamin Opticians in England's northeastern town of... Read more


Super Mario geek analyzes the game’s eye-blinking patterns

Blink and you’ll miss it! An enterprising YouTuber who has an evident fascination with Super Mario has documented all the characters who do (and don’t) blink.

The characters who don’t is rather larger – about 50 – compared to 14 who do.

Among the more sentient are Princess... Read more


Swedish Researchers Discover an Ancient Part of the Brain Controls Eye Movements

The amount of data from the external world that bombards our brain every single moment is just mind-boggling. For decades now, neuroscientists have been trying to figure out how the human brain can possibly process all of this information.

Recently, a study was published in the journal... Read more


The College of Optometrists Seeks Additional Support From the House of Lords

Many of the UK's finest optometrists recently met with the House of Lords' Long-Term Sustainability of the NHS Committee. These eye doctors believe massive changes need to take place in order to better serve the UK's eye care needs. Some of the highlights of their proposals include better IT... Read more


What Are Screens Doing To Our Eyes?: The Latest Research

The revolutions in modern technology have turned everyone into digital junkies. So, just how much time are we spending on these devices, and how much are these screens impacting our vision?

A global survey carried out by Millward Brown found that the average person between the ages of... Read more


What the Eyes Can Tell Us about the Brain

A never ending stream of information flows through our eyes every day. Light enters the pupil, where it is focused by the cornea onto the retina at the rear, where it is then processed and passed to the brain via the optic nerve. But modern medicine is beginning to discover that that stream of... Read more


Why New Lab Grown Cornea Cells Are Such a Big Deal

The cell structures that exist within the eye are so complicated that scientists are still amazed by them today. Although the eyes are quite stunning, they are also very exposed and very susceptible to damage and disease. Indeed, many people are living with some kind of eye problem, whether it is... Read more

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