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That's Not A Bright Star, It's Mars!

Mars can be in the night sky tonight, and will be for the next week.

It's orbit currently places it on opposite side of the sun form the earth, making it highly illuminated and visible to the naked eye. NASA's Hubble space telescope has been taking advantage of the opportunity, and has... Read more


Makeup shades "should complement your eyes and skin tone"

When buying new makeup it should always complement your facial colourings, an expert claims.

Abigail James, a facialist, holistic therapist and founder of abigailjames.com, advises that skin tone can be broken down into fair, light, medium and dark, each of which better suits certain... Read more


New finding may lead to AMD treatment

A key finding by experts in the US may lead to a new treatment being developed for age-related macular degeneration (AMD), one of the leading causes of blindness in the western world.

The development of the disease can involve an over-proliferation of the blood vessels that supply the... Read more


Chickenpox, Shingles Vaccines Linked To Rare Eye Disease

A study was recently presented at the American Academy of Ophthalmology in Las Vegas indicated that the vaccine for chickenpox and shingles may be linked to keratitis, which is inflammation of the eye's cornea, although only in a very small number of cases.

According to Dr. Frederick... Read more


Are Your Car Windows Protecting You From UV Rays?

Ultra violet light, which is part of natural sunlight, has been linked to a large list of medical problems, including skin cancer, cataracts, and other forms of blindness.

Anyone suffering from a sun burn knows first hand the negative effect that too much UV light can have on their body.... Read more


New contact lens developments "always around the corner"

Such is the nature of the contact lens market that new developments are always around the corner, meaning that wearers have more choice than ever.

That is the opinion of Gavin Rebello, sports vision specialist at @eye_performance, who said that... Read more


New chemical "can make the blind see"

For centuries, doctors and scientists have been attempting to find a cure for blindness, without success, but a new study may change all that.

According to a team of University of California (UC) Berkeley scientists working in collaboration with researchers at the University of Munich... Read more


Poor eyesight "should not compromise reading enjoyment"

People should not allow poor vision to scupper their enjoyment of reading and should take steps to solve the problem, one expert has claimed.

According to Tony Veverka, chief executive at Ultralase, many people are suffering in silence by squinting to see their favourite books, even when... Read more


The next step in the fight against eye disease

Though there are many forms of eye disease that can affect people, the end results are generally the same – sight gradually worsens and their quality of life is significantly affected.

As the population ages and develops more eye-related illnesses, pharmaceutical companies will need... Read more


A New Discovery May Help Explain How We See Colour

It's been long understood that our vision is attributed to two types of cells within our eyes, rods and cones. Each detect light in a different way, and have their own respective strengths and weaknesses. A new discovery is helping to shed light on the mechanism by which we see colour.... Read more

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