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New Stem Cell Study Shows Potential for Curing Retinal Degeneration

Japanese researchers believe they've discovered an effective way to restore vision to people suffering from late-stage retinal degeneration. Although this stem cell technique hasn't been used on humans yet, the results from mice trials are very promising.

This study took place at the Read more


New Research Into Why Women Football Players Have Higher Concussion Rates

It's been known for some time that women sustain more concussions than men in football. While some scientists have claimed that this is due to women having naturally weak neck muscles, new research shows the problem may be due to a lack of vision training.

Read more


New Portable Ophthalmoscope Could Help Diagnose Eye Diseases In Third World

A revolutionary portable device is causing a great deal of excitement in the global eye care community. Called the "Arclight," researchers believe this tiny... Read more


New Digital Photography May Help Enhance Glaucoma Screenings

A brand new digital photographic technique could help doctors better predict eye diseases. In particular, this new type of medical photography could help with glaucoma screenings.

This new study comes out of the University of Rochester Medical Center and Pitt University. The research teams... Read more


Microsoft Shares AI Software With A Powerful Indian Eye Care Institute

Microsoft is using its latest innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help ophthalmologists diagnose and treat millions of eye patients in the Republic of India. Although the tech giant admits that its new tech is no replacement for visiting an eye doctor, Microsoft... Read more


New Clothing Company Dedicated To Raising Money For Blindness Research

Two American brothers believe that there's a cure for blindness out there, and they've made it their mission to help scientists discover it. That's why these brothers, Bradford and Bryan Manning, founded their clothing company Two Blind Brothers.

You might've seen Two Blind Brothers in the... Read more


Florida Company Files Patent For Colour Blindness AR Headset

Brand new augmented reality (AR) technologies are coming out each and every day. Today, techies around the world are extremely interested in what one powerful Florida-based company is developing in their AR department. Some people in the tech industry believe this company's latest device could be... Read more


Hubble's Hugo “eyeball” May Change How We Think Of The "Smart Home"

One interesting device at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year was Hubble's Hugo. Although Hugo can be used as a security camera, most of the people who tested out this... Read more


Fridge Blindness Is Real, But Men Can Overcome It

Most men know that bewildering feeling of standing in front of an open fridge and painstakingly searching for one simple item, all, of course, to no avail. Then, after a few minutes of searching all of the refrigerator's drawers, a female companion invariably shows up and finds said item in a few... Read more


CooperVision Announces New Contact Lenses For Computer Vision Syndrome

Contact lens manufacturer CooperVision has just announced its new contact lenses made specifically for those who have to stare at computers everyday for work. These contacts, called Biofinity Energys, were designed to help people... Read more

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