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Roche and Eleven Biotherapeutics Reach ₤188 Million Deal over Experimental Eye Drug

Swiss drug manufacturer Roche has acquired the rights to an eye disease drug still in its experimental stages, as well as a bit of technology from US biotech Eleven Biotherapeutics. The deal between the two firms is estimated to be worth ₤188 million.

The drug purchased by Roche,... Read more


New Massaging Device Aims To Reduce Eye Strain.

It might look like one of the many virtual reality devices coming to the market, but the Aurai Mask has no screens inside. Instead, it’s a new product that is designed to relieve eye strain, a problem becoming more and more common in the world.

It pumps cool water through soft pads that... Read more


Placenta Tissue Being Used To Treat Eye Problems.

The placenta is what lies on the other end of the umbilical cord after it’s snipped from the baby, and is a byproduct of the birthing process. Most of the time they are discarded, but some mothers opt to donate them to be used in medical research.

Some doctors, like Chike Mordi from... Read more


New 3D Imaging Camera Modeled After Insect’s Compound Eyes.

Research from Prof. Lee Wing-bun and his team at the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has led to a new means of 3D imaging, a technology that maps the surfaces of solid object and turns them into accurate digital representations of... Read more


New Discovery Sheds Light on How Certain Bacterial Infections Affect Human Eyes.

New research was shown this week at the ASM Microbe research meeting in Boston, Massachusetts which details a new discovery on the way bacteria cause dramatic changes in human eye cells.

The study focused on a common bacterial contaminant found on Read more


Peter Barry, One of UK’s Pioneering Eye Surgeons Passes Away At Age 67

Peter James Barry FRCS has died unexpectedly at the age of 67 after a brief illness. He was one of the foremost eye surgeons, both of his generation, as well as within the UK. In addition to being an international ambassador for Irish ophthalmology, he was also the national clinical lead for... Read more


Infant’s Response to Visual Stimuli Quickens As They Age.

Results from a new study show that infants and toddlers require more time to notice new visual stimuli, and their gaze is less accurate than adults. However, both of these skills appear to improve slowly as they grow. This data helps to stress the significance of providing young children with... Read more


Google Working towards Robotic Eye Implant for Humans.

Tech giant Google has filed for a patent that indicates that it’s developing an electronic replacement for the cornea, the natural lens in the front of the eye that focuses light onto the retina.

The potential uses of such a device include not only restoring sight for those that have... Read more


Deep Mind Takes a Deep Look into Eye Health.

In the race to develop the first true artificial intelligence, Google will be using eye-related medical data to help develop and train one if it’s works-in- progress.

Moorfields Eye Hospital is providing one million (anonymous) eye scans for DeepMind to churn through, looking for medical... Read more


Six Year Old Girl from Gloucester Nearly Loses Eye after Vicious Dog Attack.

A young girl from Gloucester, just six years old, nearly lost her right eye after being attacked by a dog.

Lacey-Marie Smith had to spend her sixth birthday in hospital following a two-hour operation to suture her forehead and right eyelid. The injuries were caused by a dog attack, in... Read more

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