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Purevision 2 HD

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Purevision 2 HD

6 Lenses per box


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Purevision 2 with High Definition Optics are designed to reduce glare and haloes around lights, whilst delivering crisp, clear vision, even in low light conditions. The advanced silicone hydrogel material offers comfort and breathability and provides good handling, which is aided by a light blue visability tint. These lenses are designed to last one month and are for extended (overnight) wear.

Versatile monthly disposable lenses that are designed for daily or extended wear.

It is advisable to check with your eye care professional as to suitability before wearing overnight contact lenses.

Each box contains 6 contact lenses in a buffered saline solution for easy insertion.

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West Yorkshire

Waste of time and money.

I was impressed with the description and promise that 'halos' were eliminated and vision would be crystal clear...well, if I could have tolerated these longer than two hours, I may have had an opinion on that particular claim. They come in very impressive packaging, huge (I thought maybe I had ordered wrongly, could these packages REALLY contain only ONE contact lens?) having battled with the individual packaging and retrieved the contact lens, I noted how thick and odd shaped the lens was.
It was distorted and did not appear to spring into a perfect round shape like I was used to.
I hoped that once exposed to air it might alter its shape (Sorry, not been wearing lenses for too long) but it seemed to become even more uneven in shape and I inserted it with more than a bit of concern!
Actually, I was surprised that it felt comfortable and decided that perhaps my initial concerns were unfounded. Regretfully, I had to remove the lenses within the first two hours due to dryness and scratchiness.
I cleaned them, re inserted them, but still the same feeling - dry, itchy, poor focus - certainly not as comfortable as other brands I have tried in the Silicone Hydrogel range.
I certainly would have not driven with them in, it would have been too much of a risk...
Waste of time and money - these have to be ordered in.
Would NOT recommend :(

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I've just tried these today for the first time having used the old now discontinued purevision for years with no poblems. Anyway I'm blown away how Good these are ! Everything is so much clearer and sharper ! like I have super sight! It's like going from watching analogue television to digital hd! Light is so much less harsh and I reckon these will be great in sunny conditions too! All in all such clear and clean vision for me totally noticeable ! Top notch!!!!

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Fantastic for me

I have tried so many different types of contact lenses, daily disposables(lots of different brands), montly disposables and finally decided to give these a try. My problem is seeing halos around certain items and also the contact lenses moving around, especially in hot and humid conditions such as in the gym on holiday etc... I first tried these a few months ago and on holiday in Florida and they have been fantastic no problems at all. You need to find the right contact lense to fit the person and believe these are the right ones for me, although they may not be for everyone.

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