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Brandnames: ML/BL to Rx, To Rx (ML/BL), Boots to Rx (Post 01 Rx) (ML/BL), BL to Rx

Product NameBL/ML to Rx
Wear ModeDaily Wear Spherical/Toric/Multifocal
Design FeaturesFull Rx Service, C3, C4, C5, ZL9, Maxim, Full Toric Service, Bifocal, Boston Multivision, Keratoconus, Aphakia, PRK. Boston Materials, ML92, ML210
MaterialsFocon 4b
BOZR From9.99
BOZR To9.99
BOZR StepsTo Rx.
Adds From0.99
Adds To0.99
Adds StepsTo Rx.
Tot Diam From9.99
Tot Diam To9.99
Tot Diam StepsTo Rx.
Seg Size From0.99
Seg Size To0.99
Seg Size StepsTo Rx.
Sph Pwr From9.99
Sph Pwr To9.99
Sph Pwr StepsTo Rx.
Locn Marks/engravingsEngraving Possible
BOZD From9.99
BOZD To9.99
BOZD StepsTo Rx.
FOZD From9.99
FOZD To9.99
FOZD StepsTo Rx.
Tc @ -3.000.09
Recquired Replacement999 Month
Other InfoBausch & Lomb Ltd, Tel 020 8781 2800