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Brandnames: Polycon 2 (Ciba), Fluorocon 30 (Ciba), Fluorocon 60 (Ciba), Fluorocon 90 (Ciba), Fluorocon 151 (Ciba)

Product NameCiba Vision Polycon II
Wear ModeDaily Wear Spherical/Toric
Design FeaturesB.S: ThinTri-Curve Design. Silafocon A. See Other Info*. Ct Material/TD Dependent. Mean AEL of 9.00 Dia = 0.09. Mean AEL of 9.50 Dia = 0.12. Full to Rx availability
MaterialsFocon 3a
BOZR From7
BOZR To8.6
BOZR Steps0.05
Tot Diam From9
Tot Diam To9.8
Tot Diam Steps9.20 and 9.50 also.
Sph Pwr From-20
Sph Pwr To20
Sph Pwr Steps0.25
Locn Marks/engravingsEngraving Possible
BOZD From7.8
BOZD To8.4
BOZD Steps0.60 Steps.
FOZD From9.99
FOZD To9.99
Tc @ -3.000.13
Recquired Replacement999 Month
Other Info*Also Available in Fluorocon 30 Dk 35 O2 Trans 29 WA 12 Grey, Fluorocon 60 DK 65 O2 Trans 65 WA 15 Blue, Fluorocon 90 DK 95 O2 Trans 55 WA 15 Green, Fluorocon 151 DK 151 WA 42 Blue. Ciba Vision (UK) Ltd, Tel 01489 785300