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Brandnames: Adgio Solo (Nissel)

Product NameNissel Adagio Solo
Wear ModeDaily Wear Spherical FR
MaterialsFilcon 1a
Design FeaturesAberration Controlled in 38% or 55% DK 22 to Correct Low Astigmatism/Presbyopia. Cast Moulded/Lathe Cut
Water Content38
Tc @ -3.000.1
Replacement Interval90
BOZR From8.7
BOZR To8.7
Tot Diam From14
Tot Diam To14
Cyl Power From-1
Cyl Power To0
Cyl Power StepsEffective Cyl see Other Info*
Adds From0
Adds To1.25
Adds StepsEffective Add.
Location MarksNone
Other Info*For Cyls beyond -1.00 add 1/2 of Cyl to Sphere. Dispatched in 4 Lens Packs. Manufactured by Cantor & Nissel Ltd