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Product NameAV 70 System Multifocal (CLPL)
Wear ModeDaily Wear Spherical Multifocal
MaterialsFilcon 4a
Design FeaturesF.S: Poly-Curve. B.S: Bi-Curve. Centre Distance. Concentric Aspheric. Translating Bifocal. NVP. Lathe Cut. Presented in Glass Vial. Full Prescribing Information to include Spectacle Rx, K Readings, Pupil Dia, Translating Distance
Water Content72
Tc @ -3.000.28
Replacement Interval999
BOZR From7.8
BOZR To9.2
BOZR Steps0.30
Tot Diam From13.4
Tot Diam To13.4
Tot Diam StepsOr to Rx.
Adds From0.5
Adds To3
Adds Steps0.25 Steps.
Location MarksNone
Seg Size From0.99
Seg Size To0.99
Seg Size StepsAspheric.
Other InfoManufactured by Contact Lens Precision Laboratories