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Brandnames: Purevision Toric (B&L)

Product NameBL Purevision Toric
Wear ModeDaily Wear Toric FR
MaterialsBalafilcon A
Design FeaturesDaily or Flexible Wear Up To 30 Nights Continuous Wear. BS: Toric. FS: Aspheric To Reduce Spherical Aberration For Each Dioptric Power. OZ 8.90mm @ -3.00. Prism Balasting Stabilising Geometry With 360 Comfort Chamfer. Similar design to Soflens 66 Toric
Water Content36
Tc @ -3.000.1
Replacement Interval30
BOZR From8.7
BOZR To8.7
Tot Diam From14
Tot Diam To14
Cyl Power From-2.25
Cyl Power To-0.75
Cyl Power Steps0.50
Axis From10
Axis To180
Axis Steps10
Location Marks3 Lines (Inferiorly) at 30 degrees
Other InfoBaush & Lomb Tel 020 8781 2900. Use of H2O2 or Heat may cause Parameter Changes. Avoid Alcholol or Bead based cleaners
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