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Brandnames: Natural (Chrome-X)

Product NameChrome-X Natural (CV)
Wear ModeDaily Wear Spherical
MaterialsFilcon 1b
Design FeaturesF.S: Lentic. B.S: Bi-Curve. Moulded HEMA Copolymer. OpaqueTwo Colour, Two Tone Brush Stroked, Iris Striations with a Dark Limbal Ring. High Powers Lathe Cut. Presentation in Glass Vial
Water Content55
Tc @ -3.000.09
Replacement Interval90
BOZR From8.8
BOZR To8.8
Pupil Diam From5
Pupil Diam To5
Pupil Diam StepsSee Colour/Tint*.
Tot Diam From14.2
Tot Diam To14.2
Iris Diam From12
Iris Diam To12
Iris Diam StepsSee Colour/Tint*.
Location MarksNone
Other InfoAvoid Heat disinfection. Cooper Vision Ltd

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