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Brandnames: Focus Night & Day (Ciba), Night & Day (Ciba Focus), Easyvision All Day - All Night (Specsavers)(Ciba), Specsavers Easyvision All Day - All Night (Ciba), Ciba Air Optix Night & Day, Air Optix Night & Day (Ciba)

Product NameAirOptix Night & Day
Wear ModeDaily Wear Spherical FR
MaterialsFilcon 1a
Design FeaturesDaily Wear Or Continuous Wear 30 Days. F.S: Tri-Curve. B.S: Bi-Curve with Intergrated Bevel. FOZD 7.80. Cast Moulded with Plasma Coated Surface (25um thick). Lotrafilcon A. A Fluorosiloxane containing Hydrogel. FDA Group 1. Presented in Blister Pack. Non-ionic
Water Content24
Tc @ -3.000.08
Replacement Interval30
BOZR From8.4
BOZR To8.6
BOZR Steps0.20
Tot Diam From13.8
Tot Diam To13.8
Location Marks'CIBA Z6' = 8.60, 'CIBA Z4' = 8.40
Other Info'Stiffness' 120. New ISO DK 105, Lotrafilcon A I 5 m. Wear up to 30 Nights Continuous Wear. Avoid Heat or Enzyme treatment. Packed in Boxes of 3 Blisters. Manufactured by Ciba Vision (UK) Ltd
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