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Brandnames: Hi-Tints (Igel)

Product NameIgel Hi-Tints. (Tint Data Only)
Wear ModeDaily Wear Spherical
MaterialsFilcon 4b
Design FeaturesColour Enhancement (Transparent) Tinting. Available in CD, Omega, Presto, Rx, Toric Design. Available as Full Iris (Type B) or Clear Pupil (Type C) see Pupil Diam*
Water Content0
Tc @ -3.000
Replacement Interval365
BOZR From9.99
BOZR To9.99
BOZR StepsTo Rx.
Pupil Diam From2
Pupil Diam To7
Pupil Diam Steps3.0 to 6.0 in 0.50 Steps see Colour/Tint*
Tot Diam From9.99
Tot Diam To9.99
Tot Diam StepsTo Rx.
Iris Diam From10
Iris Diam To12.5
Iris Diam Steps0.50 see Colour/Tint.
Location MarksNone
Other InfoOxidative Disinfecting may Fade Tint. Different H2O Contents will absorb tint Differently. Ultravision International Ltd