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Brandnames: Hydrasoft Toric (CV)

Product NameCV Hydrasoft Toric
Wear ModeDaily Wear Toric
MaterialsFilcon 1b
Design FeaturesB.S.Toric with Prism Ballast of 1.25. Methafilcon B. Ionic. Optic Zone 8.00. Lathe Cut
Water Content55
Tc @ -3.000.035
Replacement Interval365
BOZR From8.3
BOZR To9.2
BOZR Steps0.30/*14.20 in 8.60 and 8.30
Tot Diam From14.2
Tot Diam To15
Tot Diam Steps0.80/See BOZR*.
Cyl Power From-10
Cyl Power To-0.5
Cyl Power Steps0.25
Axis From1
Axis To180
Axis Steps01
Location MarksSingle Laser Line at 6 O/C
Other InfoDo not use Heat disinfection. Cooper Vision