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Brandnames: Hydrocyl Soft Toric (C&S)

Product NameCN Hydrocyl Soft Toric
Wear ModeDaily Wear Toric
MaterialsFilcon 4b
Design FeaturesB.S: Toric. Dynamic Stabilisation with Differential Thinning. Prism Free Ultra-Thin Optic Zone. Lathe Cut. Presented in Glass Vial
Water Content38
Tc @ -3.000.1
Replacement Interval365
BOZR From9.99
BOZR To9.99
BOZR StepsTo Rx.
Tot Diam From14.5
Tot Diam To14.5
Cyl Power From-7
Cyl Power To-1
Cyl Power Steps0.25
Axis From1
Axis To180
Axis Steps01
Location MarksOne Dot at 270 Degrees
Other Info*Also available in 55% DK 22, 58% DK 24, 74% DK 37. Cantor and Nissel Ltd