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Brandnames: Rx Toric (Igel)

Product NameIgel to Rx Toric
Wear ModeDaily Wear Toric
MaterialsFilcon 1a
Design FeaturesF.S: Stabilising Zones Sphere. B.S: Toric. Superior and Inferior Peripheral Ramps. Typical FOZD 8.80. Lathe Cut. Presented in Glass Vial. Prosthetic availability - discuss with Lab
Water Content38
Tc @ -3.000.07
Replacement Interval365
BOZR From7.8
BOZR To9.8
BOZR Steps0.20
Pupil Diam From2
Pupil Diam To7
Pupil Diam Steps3.0 to 6.0 in 0.50 Steps see Colour/Tint*
Tot Diam From13.5
Tot Diam To16
Tot Diam Steps0.50 Steps. See Other Info*.
Iris Diam From10
Iris Diam To12.5
Iris Diam Steps0.50 Steps see Colour/Tint*.
Cyl Power From-11
Cyl Power To0
Cyl Power Steps0.25
Axis From1
Axis To180
Axis Steps01
Location MarksLaser Marks Inferiorly at 6 O/C
Other InfoOxidative Disinfecting may Fade Tint. *Igel 58, 60, 67 available in TD 14.00 to 16.50 in 0.50 Steps with Ct of 0.08. Ultravision Internationl Ltd