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Brandnames: Lunelle Sunsoft Eclipse (Essilor), Sunsoft Eclipse (Lunelle Essilor), Eclipse Sunsoft (Lunelle Essilor)

Product NameEssilor Lunelle Sunsoft Eclipse
Wear ModeDaily Wear Toric
MaterialsFilcon 4a
Design FeaturesF.S. Lentic. B.S.Toric. CT for +3.00 = 0.20. Methafilcon A. Non-Ionic. Lathe Cut. Uniform Edge Thickness by off centre Lenticulation. Presented in Glass Vial
Water Content55
Tc @ -3.000.17
Replacement Interval365
BOZR From8.7
BOZR To8.7
Tot Diam From14.5
Tot Diam To14.5
Cyl Power From-2.5
Cyl Power To-0.75
Cyl Power Steps0.25
Axis From90
Axis To180
Axis Steps05 +/- 30 around 180 and 90.
Location MarksLaser Line at 6 O/C
Other InfoSee also Sunsoft Rx Data Entry for increased Rx availability. Manufactured by Cooper Vision

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