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Brandnames: Sauflon Aerotab

Product NameAerotab (Sauflon)
Product Type/IndicationsUnit Dose Soft Lens Disinfecting Tablet
Formulation/CompositionDisinfecting - Halazone 0.16mg
Possible Ocular Adverse ResponseRare Occasional Stinging on Lens Placement due to Residual Chlorine. Saline Rinse Prior to Placement should Resolve. C/I: Hypersensitivity to any Components
Opened LifeUse Once Only
Presented inFoil Packs: S/P (not for retail), 36 x Tablets, 96 x Tablets, Bulk Economy Pack 96 x Tablets
Min. C. Time/Dose30 Minutes
Max. C. Time/Dose24 Hours
Other NotesDue to discontinue in Autumn 2001. Advise Patient to add Tablet to Case Prior to Sailine to aid Disinfecting compliance. Sauflon Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Tel 0208 322 4200