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Brandnames: Allergan Ultrazyme, Allergan Ultrazyme Universal, Ultrazyme Universal (Allergan)

Product NameUltrazyme (Allergan)
Product Type/IndicationsUnit Dose RGP & Soft Lens Protien Remover
Formulation/CompositionProtein Removing - Subtilisin A 0.4mg/tablet
Possible Ocular Adverse ResponseA Small Minority of Patients may be Sensitive to Low Levels of Residual Subtilisin. Rub and Rinse with Rinsing solution after use. C/I: Hypersensitivity to any Components
Opened LifeUse Once Only
Presented inFoil Packs: 10 x Tablets
Min. C. Time/Dose15 Minutes in Oxysept Disinfecting Solutions. 6 Hours in TotalCare Disinfecting Solution
Max. C. Time/Dose12 Hours
Other NotesFor use with Oxysept & TotalCare Systems. Relabelled Ultrazyme Universal in August 2001. Enhanced Yeast Kill times when used with Peroxide. Do not use tablets that are Soft, Sticky, or Irregular in appearance. AMO Ltd, Tel 01628 551600