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Brandnames: Clenzyme (Alcon), Alcon Clen-Zyme

Product NameClen-Zyme (Alcon)
Product Type/IndicationsUnit-Dose Soft and RGP Protein Removing Agent
Formulation/CompositionProtein Removing - Pancreatin 2.5mg. Lipase. Amaylase
Possible Ocular Adverse ResponseUncommon. Do Not Introduce Dissolved Tablet Solution into Eye. C/I: Hypersensitivity to any Components
Opened LifeUse Once Only
Presented inFoil Packs: 12 x 2.5mg
Min. C. Time/Dose2 Hours
Max. C. Time/Dose12 Hours
Other NotesDerived from Porcine Pancreas - Consider Religious/Ethical Implications. Alcon Ltd, Tel 01442 341234