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Brandnames: Boots Effervescent Protein Removing Tablets, Allergan Hydrocare Fizzy Protein Removing Tablets

Product NameHydrocare Fizzy (Allergan)
Product Type/IndicationsUnit Dose Soft and RGP Protein Removing Tablets
Formulation/CompositionProtein Removing - Papain 10mg/tablet
Possible Ocular Adverse ResponseToxic if not Cleaned, Rinsed, Disinfected after use. A Minority of Patients are Sensitive to Low Levels of Residual Papain. C/I: Hypersensitivity to any Components
Opened LifeUse Once Only. Store in a Dry place at Room temperature
Presented inFoil Packs: 4 x Tablet + 2 x Vials Trial Pack, 24 x Tablets
Min. C. Time/DoseSoft Lenses - 15 Minutes, RGP - 2 Hours
Max. C. Time/DoseHigh Water Content Lenses - 2 Hours, Low Water Content/RGP - 12 Hours
Other NotesDo not use if Tablets Soft, Sticky or Irregular in Appearance. To be Dissolved in Saline. Clean, Rinse, Disinfect after use. Papain Ineffective with H2O2. Derived from the Papaya Plant... AMO Ltd, Tel 01628 551600