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Brandnames: Menicon Progent

Product NameProgent Intensive Cleaner (P H Solutions)
Product Type/IndicationsUnit-Dose RGP Intensive Cleaner. >Protein Removal, Active against Prions. Product A & Product B Are Mixed Together In Special Vial. Rinse Lenses With Menicare Plus For At Least 15 Seconds After Use
Formulation/CompositionProduct A - Sodium Hypochlorite 20.3mg. Purified Water ad 5ml/dose. Product B - Potassium Bromide 30.75mg. Purified Water ad 5ml/dose. Effective against Bacteria, Fungi, Virus & Acanthamoeba In 5 Minutes & Against Prions In 30 Minutes
Possible Ocular Adverse ResponseAcutely Toxic if not thoroughly Cleaned and Rinsed after use. See Other Notes*. C/I: Hypersensitivity to any Components
Opened LifeUse Once Only
Presented inPoly' Vials: 7 x Product A and 7 x Product B
Min. C. Time/Dose5 Minutes
Max. C. Time/Dose30 Minutes
Other Notes*Use with Caution. Consider if Appropriate for Patient Use. Menicon UK Ltd. Westec Level 7, West Gate, Ealing, London W5 1YY Tel: 020 8799 0390/0391 Fax: 020 8799 0392