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Brandnames: Specsavers Daily Cleaner (Preservative Free), Sauflon Daily Cleaner (Preservative Free), Preservative Free Daily Cleaner (Sauflon), Preservative Free Daily Cleaner (Specsavers), Vision Express Daily Cleaner (Preservative Free)

Product NameSauflon Preservative Free Daily Cleaner
Product Type/IndicationsMulti-Dose Soft Lens Daily Cleaner
Formulation/CompositionCleaning Agent. Chelating - Disodium Edetate. Buffering Agents. Preservative Free
Possible Ocular Adverse ResponseSevere Stinging if Introduced into Eye. Rinse Thoroughly After use. C/I: Hypersensitivity to any Components
Opened Life3 Months
Presented inPoly' Bottles: 20ml, 60ml
Min. C. Time/DoseN/A
Max. C. Time/DoseN/A
Other NotesSauflon Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Tel 020 8322 4200