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Brandnames: BL Elite Daily Cleaner, BL RGP Elite Daily Cleaner, Boston Advance Daily Cleaner, Boots Advanced RGP Daily Cleaner, DA Excel RGP Cleaner, Specsavers RGP Daily Cleaner, Easyvision RGP Cleaning Solution (Specsavers), Asda GP Lens Cleaner

Product NameBausch & Lomb Elite Daily Cleaner
Product Type/IndicationsMulti-Dose RGP Daily Cleaner
Formulation/CompositionSelf-Preserving. Alkyl Ether Sulphate - 9.80% w/v. Surfactant - Ethoxylated Alkyl Phenol,Ultra-Micronised Silica Suspension, Sodium Phosphate Dibasic, Triquaternary Cocoa Base. Sodium.. Chloride
Possible Ocular Adverse ResponseToxic if introduced into Eye. Rinse Lens after use. C/I: Hypersensitivity to any Components
Opened LifeWaiting Data. Protect from Freezing. Store between 15-30C
Presented inPoly' Bottles: 15ml (with Travel Pack), 30ml, 1 Month Pack with Conditioning Solution, Travel Pack, Multi-Pack
Min. C. Time/Dose20 Seconds
Max. C. Time/DoseDo not over-clean
Other NotesUse with Care with Certain Surface Treated Materials. Bausch & Lomb Ltd, Tel 020 8781 2800

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