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Product NameGolden Eye Drops/Ointment
Product Type/IndicationsVery Superficial Bacterial Conjunctivitis. >Ointment - Effective in cases of Staphlococcal Blepharitis. Multi-Dose/Ointment Anti-Infective. >Effective Anti-Acanthomoeba Agent used as Adjunct
Formulation/CompositionOintment: Anti-Infective - Dibromopropamidine Isethionate 0.15%. Drops: Anti-Infective - Propamidine Isethionate 0.1%w/v. Preservative - Benzalkonium Chloride
Possible Ocular Adverse ResponseRare (Discontinue Immediately). Epithelial Cell/Tear Film Sensitivity to Benzalkonium Chloride possible. C/I: Hypersensitivity to any Components
Opened LifeWaiting Data
Presented inOintment: Tube 5g. Droptainer: 10ml
Min. C. Time/DoseOintment/Drops: As Required/Directed
Max. C. Time/DoseOintment: 1-2 x Daily/ as Directed in Acanthomoeba Infection. Drops: 4 x Daily or.... as Directed in Acanthomoeba Infection
Other NotesP. Waiting Full Data. Suspend Contact Lens Wear. S/P: Minimal Anti-Infective Ability. Max Treatment Period 1 Week unless otherwise directed