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Brandnames: MSD Trusopt

Product NameTrusopt (MSD)
Product Type/IndicationsMulti-Dose Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitor. >Montherapy where Beta-Blockers are Contra-Indicated/Ineffective or Adjunct to Beta-Blockers in Ocular Hypertension, Open-Angle or Pseudo-Exfoliative Glaucoma
Formulation/CompositionCarbonic Anhydrase Inhibitor - Dorzolamide 2%. Preservative - Benzalkonium Chloride. I
Possible Ocular Adverse ResponseHypersensitivity. Blurred Vision. Paraesthesia. Asthenia. Epithelial Cell/Tear Film Sensitivity to Benzalkonium Chloride possible. S/P: Herpatic Impairment. Closed Angle Glaucoma. Sulphonamide Hypersensitivity. INT: No other Drops for 10 mins
Opened LifeWaiting Data
Presented inPoly' Droptainer: 5ml
Min. C. Time/DoseChildren: Not Recommended
Max. C. Time/DoseAdjunct: 1 Drop 2 x Daily. Monotherapy: 1 Drop 3 x Daily
Other NotesPOM. C/I: Severe Renal Impairment, Hyperchloraemic Acidosis. Pregnancy, Lactatiion. Suspend Contact Lens Wear. S/P: Renal Calculli. ADR: Bitter Taste, Headache, Dizziness, Nausea, Rash, Urolithiasis