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Brandnames: MSD Timoptol/Timoptol-LA

Product NameTimoptol-LA/Timoptil (MSD)
Product Type/IndicationsTimoptol-LA: Multi-Dose Gel-Forming Solution. Timoptol: Multi/Unit-Dose Beta-Blocker. >Ocular Hypertension, Chronic Open-Angle Glaucoma. Secondary Glaucoma
Formulation/CompositionTimoptol-LA: Beta-Blocker - Timolol 0.25%/0.5%. Preservative - Benzododecinium Bromide. Gel Agent. Timoptol Multi-Dose: Beta-Blocker - Timolol 0.25%/0.5%. Preservative - BKC. Timoptol Unit-Dose: Beta-Blocker - Timolol 0.25%/0.5%. Preservative Free
Possible Ocular Adverse ResponseDry Eye, Corneal Anaesthesia, Allergic Blepharoconjunctivitis.Irritation. Epithelial Cell/Tear Film Sensitivity to Benzalkonium Chloride possible. Temporary Blurred Vision. C/I: Soft Contact Lenses (Metered Dose & LA.), Hypersensitivity to any Components
Opened LifeMulti-Dose - Waiting Data./Unit-Dose - Use Once Only
Presented inTimoptol-LA: Poly' Vials 2.5ml. Timoptol Metered Dose: 5ml. Timoptol Unit-Dose: 30 x 0.2ml
Min. C. Time/DoseChildren: Not Recommended
Max. C. Time/DoseAdults: 1 Drop of 0.25% 1 x Daily. Increase to 1 Drop of 0.5% 1 x Daily if Nececes..sary
Other NotesPOM. Suspend Contact Lens Wear? C/I: Asthma. History of Obstructive Pulmanary Disease. See Drug Data Sheet. S/P: Pregnancy. Lactation. See Drug Data Sheet. INT: Verapmil. Beta-Blockers. See Drug Data Sheet. ADR: Bronchospasm. See Drug Data Sheet