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Product NameVisudyne
Product Type/IndicationsTreatment of AMD in Px's With Predominantly Classic Subfoveal Choroidal Neovascularisation (SCN), Occult SCN With Evidence of Recent or Ongoing Disease Progression or SCN Secondary to Pathological Myopia
Formulation/Composition15mg of Verteporin as Powder
Possible Ocular Adverse Response1-10% May Experience Blurry/Hazy/Fuzzy Vision or Flashes of Light, Decreased Vision, Field Defects e.g. Dark Haloes, Scotoma and Black Spots, Severe but Usually Transient Vision Reduction. Further Details:
Presented inGlass Vial;
Min. C. Time/Dose10 min. Intravenous Infusion; 6mg/m2 Body Surface Area. Activation After 15mins by a Diode Laser - Non-thermal Red Light
Max. C. Time/Dose4 Times/Year
Other NotesNovartis Pharmaceuticals. For Full Recommendations and Guidance: