A purple and yellow football has been adopted by premier clubs who want players to be able to see it more easily in the winter light.Designed by Nike, the ball will be in use until February and is the invention of Alan Reichow, the company"s research director of vision and science.Not only will it... Read more


The potentials of laser eye surgery for people who play a lot of sports has been discussed in a newspaper article.A reader question to the Guardian queried how common it is for professional athletes to opt for surgery to correct any vision problems.The columnist, Nicholas Peirce - lead physician for... Read more


Taking care of contact lenses means taking care of your eyes - so it is vitally important for wearers to follow manufacturer guidelines.While full instructions for use are always included in packs of contact lenses - which are available to order online - companies like Cooper Vision also have a... Read more


The importance of having eye checks has been highlighted in a newspaper article.Tracy Cairns" life was saved when she went to her doctor with a suspected eye infection, the Daily Record said.When antibiotics did not clear it up, she was referred to an optometrist for an expert opinion - and was told... Read more


Coinciding with a major celebration on the pagan calendar, nowadays most people associate October 31st with gaggles of children dressing up as witches, vampires, horror film characters and other gruesome beasts and collecting "treats" from door to door.Some families and friends also celebrate the... Read more


Professional athlete Milan Lucic has become the latest sportsman to be converted to the benefits of contact lenses.The Bruins hockey player played his first full game wearing his vision aids against Atlanta Thrashers earlier this week.According to the Boston Herald, the second-year left winger... Read more


A European designer has created an unusual piece of jewellery - a contact lens with hanging crystals.Core77 - naming Dutch website Domus as its source - described the invention as being as close to eye design as it can get - apart from having surgery.While some people could find the concept of... Read more


The college performance of an adaptation of Bram Stoker"s Dracula brings the undead to life using a combination of acting, costume, prosthetics and contact lenses.Everything about the College of the Sequoias theatre company"s performance is designed to make the audience experience of the 1897 tale... Read more


Eyes are a complex part of the body and can be affected by a range of specific conditions, as well as by illness and disease in the rest of the body.Understanding what your optician has told you about your eyes can be bewildering.However, many vision experts online are here to help - Cooper Vision,... Read more


Lasik eye surgery to correct poor vision is a popular choice for many Americans, according to a report.The North Florida News Daily says almost half of the US population needs some kind of vision correction, whether that be glasses, contact lenses or eye surgery."Life requires good vision and for... Read more


People eager to pull off that perfect extraterrestrial eyeball look, or perhaps add an extra something to their werewolf or vampire costume, could well be tempted to opt for a set of contact lenses this Halloween.A post on web resource CNet"s Crave blog by sector commentator Leslie Katz explains... Read more


American wearers of contact lenses have been issued advice from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about care and maintenance.Eye infections are sometimes a worry for contact lens wearers but good hygiene practise can eliminate this, the Miami Herald quoted the FDA as saying.It said contact... Read more


Johnson & Johnson (J&J), makers of 1 Day Acuvue, has written to the UK"s sporting federations to remind athletes to take care of their eyesight.Its Vision To Win letter has been sent to members of the 270 Central Council of Physical Recreation member organisations.According to a report by Opticians... Read more


Former Eastenders and Bionic Woman star Michelle Ryan has been amazed at her sexy new character in the BBC TV series Merlin.Ryan plays evil sorceress Nimueh and is loving the experience, never having been asked to play a bad character before.She described the fun - partly attributing it to her... Read more


Johnson and Johnson (J&J), the maker of 1 Day Acuvue Moist, have a published a guide to wearing eye makeup.Contact lens wearers who wear eye makeup need to have a routine for applying and removing it, there are a few other considerations that will help keep eyes healthy.Basically, says J&J. It all... Read more


Sneak previews photographs from a new film reveal how effective contact lenses can be at finishing off a special look.Photos of Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat from the film Hisss have been released, showing her in full snake getup, complete with special contact lenses, according to website Dance... Read more


Contact lenses are a good alternative to glasses, but require care, it has been noted.Research in the latest issue of the journal Ophthalmology states there are a number of steps people who have contact lenses should take in order to have the most safe and comfortable wearing experience possible.It... Read more


According to the Diabetic Retinopathy Clinical Research Network, which is funded by the National Eye Institute and the National Institute of Health, a two-year clinical trial designed to compare three separate drugs for macular oedema has determined that test subjects that received Eylea... Read more