Dr. Bruce Evans, director of research at the UK's Institute of Optometry, delivered a passionate lecture on the role optometrists can play in helping dyslexic children at London's 2018 100% Optical gathering.While optometrists might not be able to cure dyslexia on their own, Dr. Evans believes... Read more


A new American study found that eye injuries from non-powder guns have spiked in the past few decades. Interestingly, this comes at a time when sports-related eye injuries have fallen overall.Researchers at the Nationwide Children's Hospital's Center for Injury Research and Policy studied... Read more


Although contacts are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, many Britons continue to wear spectacles just because they "look cool." That's according to Optegra Eye Health Care's recently released study on the modern UK's perceptions of glasses and contacts.In total, 2,000 people participated in... Read more


Joanne Morgan, a makeup artist for CNN's London office, publicly revealed she was undergoing treatment for ocular melanoma. She hopes that by sharing her story on UK media she can remind Britons of the importance of getting an annual eye exam.Morgan recently sat down with Piers Morgan on ITV's Good... Read more


The better a baseball player's vision, the better his/her score on the field. That's according to a new American study that researched the correlation between hand-eye-coordination and athletic performance. Over 250 baseball players from the major and minor leagues agreed to take part in this Duke... Read more


Although it’s been in the news, a lot of people don’t fully realize yet just how technology is revolutionizing the contact lens.Brief recap: contacts were originally conceived of in 1508 by the genius Leonardo DaVinci. The first practical lenses were made in 1823 by Sir John Herschel. In 1887,... Read more


So you’re about to walk the aisle and get married – congratulations!You have lots of decisions to make, some big some small. You have to pick a location, find a willing cleric, buy some fairly expensive one-off clothes, arrange for a reception, pay for an expensive cake, not to mention all the... Read more


Researchers in the southeastern city of Nanchang, China, believe a sprig of mistletoe could seriously help dry eye sufferers. According to their report, dry eye patients saw a tremendous improvement in symptoms after using mistletoe oil drops for only a few months.In total, 60 women between 50 and... Read more


Two Lithuanian students are hard at work on special contact lenses designed to help glaucoma patients. Called NanoLens, these new contacts contain a glaucoma patient's daily medicinal requirements and can dissolve into a user's eyes immediately after application.The students behind this... Read more


As more and more Brits switch to contact lenses, researchers are busy at work trying tomake them ever safer and more comfortable.At the University of California-Irvine, scientists are borrowing a trick from creatures likecicadas and dragonflies.These creatures have many surprising qualities, and not... Read more


A new gene therapy procedure shows great promise for the treatment of the rare eye disease Leber congenital amaurosis LCA). Researchers believe this new treatment could help thousands of child patients stave off LCA's severe symptoms like vision loss and blindness.29 LCA patients took part in this... Read more


A new study out of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) discovered that the substance gadolinium can be seen in certain stroke survivors' brain scans. This finding could revolutionize the way scientists evaluate the severity of their stroke patients' health.Doctors usually give the harmless... Read more


A new study out of Germany proves just how dangerous laser pointers are to the human eye. According to their findings, researchers conclude laser pointers can do irreversible damage to the retina.Scientists at the University of Bonn combed through dozens of studies that dealt with the effect laser... Read more


A new study out of South Korea suggests people who have asthma or frequent hay fever are at a greater risk of dealing with cataracts later in life. Study authors hope this research will encourage more funding to go into studying this correlation and developing preventative treatment... Read more


Japanese scientists have just released a study suggesting a new way to treat dry eye syndrome. According to this new research, the key to successful dry eye drops might be found in the eye's lipid layer.The eye's tear layer is composed of water, mucin, and lipids. Most over-the-counter drops for dry... Read more


Henshaws, a charity group in Manchester, is working hard this year to recognize individuals making a difference in the lives of people suffering from vision problems.This is the first year Henshaws will include a category for individuals and companies who go out of their way to help visually... Read more


Engineers at Harvard University have just created an extremely thin artificial eye they believe will revolutionise camera lens design. Today, researchers involved in this study are trying to incorporate these lenses into the cameras of tomorrow.Called a "metalens," this new electronically-controlled... Read more


A troubling new study reveals the rate of eyelid cancers in the UK is on the rise. The specific kind of cancer studied in this report is known as eyelid squamous cell carcinoma (SCC).Analysts from Moorfields Eye HospitalNational Cancer Registration and Analysis Service looked at data from UK... Read more


A group of Danish and German scientists recently completed a massive study investigating the eyes of robins. In their report, study authors claim to have found novel structures that allow these birds to travel long distances during migration season.In total, researchers poured over 20,000 hours of... Read more


A new Canadian study suggests standard vision tests aren't adequately screening children for binocular vision issues. Study authors argue that children with undetected binocular vision issues are at a greater risk of suffering academically, especially on reading tests.Researchers at Ontario's... Read more