Universities across Europe are teaming up to combat the rising epidemic of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Through this collaborative effort, European researchers hope to create novel treatment and early detection technologies for better addressing dry AMD.This study (called the Macustar... Read more


Megan S. Ryerson, assistant professor of transportation planning at the University of Pennsylvania, recently released results from her pilot study on bike safety in Philadelphia. While still in its initial stages, many believe Ryerson's research could help city leaders design safer bike-protected... Read more


A new study out of the University of Virginia shows that an enzyme typically associated with infections appears in the eyes of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) patients. Eye doctors are hopeful this finding will help develop new drug therapies for people with this serious disease.The specific... Read more


An 11-year-old Canadian boy is recovering from severe eye conditions caused by an extremely restrictive diet.When this child arrived at the hospital, he had extremely dry conjunctiva, foamy corneas, and keratinized patches. When doctors tested the boy's vision, they found that he couldn't even see... Read more


A recent study put out by American researchers is helping scientists better understand how the retina produces and consumes energy. This new data shows that the waste products of rods and cones play a critical role in maintaining healthy retinal function.Eye doctors have already known that retinal... Read more


Three researchers working in the south of China have just discovered the Oriental eye fly (Siphunculina funicola) for the first time. In addition to documenting this dangerous fly in their article, the scientists recorded three brand new species from the Siphunculina genus.The main reason the... Read more


Contact lens wearers should think twice before diving into a pool with their lenses on. A new study out of Australia clearly shows that people who wear contacts while swimming are at a higher risk of contracting the Acanthamoeba keratitis (AK) parasite.AK thrives in all water sources around the... Read more


A new study released by CooperVision suggests that dual focus contact lenses (DFCL) work better than single vision lenses at slowing the progression of myopia in children. The DFCL also showed great promise at reducing axial elongation in study patients.CooperVision researchers collected data from... Read more


Various foundations have just donated a $2 million loan to help Cameroon's eye care system. Specifically, this money will help increase the number of cataract surgeries the country can perform annually.All of the money from this loan goes straight to the Magrabi ICO Cameroon Eye Institute (MICEI).... Read more


One major topic of discussion at this year's New Statesman Emerging Technology Conference was the potential uses for graphene in the future of healthcare. Many scientists believe innovations in this field could help doctors scan for cancerous tumors with greater accuracy.Alan Dalton, who teaches... Read more


People with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) in Bradford, West Yorkshire, can now get at check-up at the new Bradford Macular Centre. Both the Bradford Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (BTHFT) and Bayer created this centre help address the rising number of AMD patients in the UK.The... Read more


An American 3D printing lab believes it's created a novel way for eye doctors to study glaucoma. By producing 3D images of the eye's trabecular meshwork (TM), these researchers feel ophthalmologists can come up novel ways to cure this all too common eye disease.The lab behind this new solution to... Read more


Scottish charity group Royal Blind announced that it gave away £160,000 in grants in the past year to help fund research into major eye diseases. Members of Royal Blind hope that this new research will help future eye doctors prevent and treat potentially blinding diseases like glaucoma.The four... Read more


Researchers in the USA and China have just developed incredible electronic devices that can totally disintegrate in a person's eyes. Health experts believe these new environmentally friendly devices could dramatically help eye doctors in the future.Developers made these devices by placing a few... Read more


The manufacturer Shamir UK has just released a brand new line of contacts ideal for smartphone addicts. Called Autograph InTouch, these soft multi-purpose contacts have special As-Worn technology that helps people focus on the small text on today's mobile devices.Shamir designed these new lenses for... Read more


Eye surgeons at the SMHS Hospital in Karan Nagar, Srinagar, have just performed three successful corneal transplants. Amazingly, all of the formerly blind patients that were operated on can now see clearly.Rajesh Sinha, a cornea specialist from AIIMS New Delhi, was the head doctor on these three... Read more


Employees at the Bank of England proudly announced that the new £10 note will be designed with raised dots to help the UK's visually impaired. This is yet another victory for the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB).The RNIB has been working closely with the Bank of England over the... Read more


A new report on the challenges visually impaired people face getting enough exercise per week was a major topic at this year's Essilor University and College Symposium. Dr. Keziah Latham, a reader at Anglia Ruskin University's Visual Function and Physiology Research Group, was the lead author on... Read more


A new study out of Northern Ireland shows that people with nearsightedness (aka myopia) produce more melatonin than people with normal sight. Many ophthalmologists believe this new piece of information could help doctors better detect myopia in children.Professors at Ulster University (UU) examined... Read more


A brand new Vision Care for Homeless People's (VCHP) clinic has officially opened its doors to the public in Leeds. Locals say this facility will be a great service for the less fortunate in the West Yorkshire city.The Leeds VCHP opening ceremony attracted a great deal of star power. Irish rugby... Read more