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Air Optix Aqua

3 Lenses per box

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Air Optix Aqua
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Air Optix Aqua is being discontinued by the manufacturer. If your powers show on the drop down list, then we still have your power in stock and you can order. The direct alternative replacement is Air Optix Plus Hydraglyde

Air Optix Aqua contact lenses are a high quality silicone hydrogel lens, designed for all day comfort. AirOptix Aqua introduces the Aqua moisture system so your lenses remain comfortable all day.

Air Optix Aqua triple system:


A unique moisture agent binds with the surface of the contact lens to create a silky smooth layer that helps the eyelid to glide over the lens for comfort on contact.


Lens dehydration is minimised by incorporating a patented agent into the lens.


Airoptix has a ultra smooth surface with superior wettability and excellent deposit resistance.

Each box contains 3 monthly disposable soft contacts in buffered saline solution. Lenses incorporate a light blue visibility tint for easier handling.

Recommended Cleaning Solution

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We have a large range of All in One Solutions, Soft Lens Rewetting drops to alleviate dry eyes and convenient Multi Purpose Solution Flight Packs - perfect for your next holiday.

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Rated 3.6/5 based on 28 customer reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

Very Comfortable

Have tried a few different lenses as i usually have dry eyes, these lenses are fantastic can wear from morning until night & stay moist in the eye. Will be ordering more soon.

By from Midlands on 04.07.2010 19:52

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Very Comfortable lenses

I have worn these lenses for over a year now as my regular perscription, I have foudn them very comfortable and after a few hours you don`t even know your wearing them!

By from Morayshire on 15.06.2010 18:03

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AirOptix Aqua

Good lenses

By from London on 08.06.2010 10:06

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Dry Eyes

Ordered these as my normal ones (biofinity) weren't in stock. Made my eyes really dry, they felt tired all the time and after a while started burning. I've never had this with contact lenses before.

By from London, UK on 19.01.2018 13:52

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Most uncomfortable lenses I've worn

I always stick to cheap lenses, being a student. However, I tried these as I thought I should look after my eyes a little more. Honestly, I can't wait for the month to be over. I am constantly aware they are there. I can feel them moving about and it's uncomfortable and irritating. I'd never buy these again.

By from Unknown location on 11.12.2017 21:15

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They make my eyes sore

Same experience as the other (this far) five one star reviewers. Uncomfortable, drying out my eyes, etc. I have really tried for a long time, as I bought a year's supply at the same time, as they were recommended as substitution for the acuvye and focus monthly that were no longer to find for sale. The experience that I wan to add is that the Air Optix seem uneven in quality, meaning that some lenses were ok for a month, some got better after a few days of a little suffering, while others I had to throw away long before a month of use.

By from Sweden on 25.04.2016 14:17

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By from Sheffield, UK on 14.07.2015 23:08

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Great in the heat of Spain

I have tried different lens but have found most dry out too quickly here in Spain. The Air Optix Aqua have proved to be the most comfortable, for the longest period.

By from Unknown location on 07.07.2014 11:02

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I've been using monthly's for two years, it ended up being a waste of money. Every single one I tried made my eyes so dry within an hour, I ended up wasting them and wearing my glasses instead, even though I hate the way I look with glasses. Anyway, tried these and I will never go back! So comfortable, never make my eyes dry, I can wear them all day long. Only problem with them is the price (nice if it could become cheaper but hey ho!) I definitely recommend :D

By from York, UK on 12.09.2013 16:33

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Great service, even better than within the US!

I've used these lenses for quite sometime now. They're great no complaints or anything. But, I was on vacation recently and lost some of my contacts. My eye doctor won't allow me to purchase lenses from a 3rd party anymore, only through their office (which overcharges). Found this site and they delivered faster than most US companies. I will be buying lenses here from now on. Great service!

By from Illinois, Unites States on 17.08.2013 23:06

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Fantastic lenses

I have been wearing contact lenses for over 20 years now and have been wearing these for the last 9. I would swear by them for comfort and vision.

By from Aberdeen on 14.07.2013 13:07

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good quality

I've been using these contacts for 3 months.
They are good but after too many hours you feel irritation.
These were the first Air Optix I used. Normally I buy Bausch&Lomb.

By from Southampton,UK on 07.06.2013 11:38

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Love these lenses

Never used monthly disposables before but only took a couple of days and now I forget I have them in, can't believe I can sleep in them and can see first thing in the morning!

By from Denver, UK on 04.06.2013 22:48

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Have had these in the past ordered them again, and like always very pleased. They are very soft, non drying, and comfortable, and I have an astigmatism. :) I recommend these!

By from Mesa, AZ on 07.03.2013 17:20

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Great Lenses

I have been wearing these lenses for at least 5 years now on the recommendation of my optician and I have never had a problem. I find them easy to put in, and have never torn one. I have also worn these lenses for long hours on occasion and find they cope really well and my eyes rarely feel dry.

By from West London on 27.01.2013 17:14

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A bit uncomfortable

These are the first monthly lenses I tried. At first thought they were fine, I cleaned them every night and left them in saline solution overnight. But I kept getting eye infections and had to stop wearing them, think the cleaning solution I had wasn't doing a good job. They also don't fit me properly, constantly feel's like therir digging into my eyes. Going back to daily lenses instead.

By from Unknown location on 30.11.2012 11:19

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quality lenses

use these lenses all the time now ,comfy,last well and dont dry out.

By from Kent on 13.10.2012 21:31

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Perfect for me

Having tried several other types of lenses, these are perfect for my dry eye problem. They are very comfortable and easy to put in.

By from Herefordshire on 20.08.2012 12:11

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Not the best

I've been wearing contact lenses for fifteen years and I can honestly say these are the most uncomfortable I have tried. They're larger and thicker than normal and you can feel the lens in your eye all day long. They also dry out very quickly. Avoid.

By from London, UK on 14.08.2012 14:42

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I don't recommend

The lenses are too big, thick and I can feel them in the eyes all the time. After 8 hours of wearing, the eyes are red and sore. It is a waste of money.

By from Liverpool on 01.07.2012 12:42

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Really hurt my eyes

I have used contacts from for the last 5 years with no problems. I heard these airoptix were good so decided to give them a try. They did not last the full day. My eyes went severely red even on day 1 of trying them. They were rough against my eyes and had to revert back to wearing glasses as my eyes remained red (even after application of drops) for a few days. Very disappointed

By from Leeds on 26.03.2012 09:54

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very comfortable

I've been using these lenses for years and have never had a problem, they don't dry out at all.

By from London, UK on 16.03.2012 14:43

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Great find.

After using Focus lenses for over 6 years (they were the 1st brand ever offered to me), I began to notice that my eyes would get red, dry and/or irritated if I wore them too long. I decided to take a chance on the AirOptix Aqua lenses and have found them great - my eyes don't get dry or irritated and they are just as good as the other reviews say they are. I'd definitely recommend trying them.

By from London, UK on 02.02.2012 23:07

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