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Biofinity contact lenses are made from a unique, naturally water loving silicone material that helps contact lenses stay moist and comfortable all day long.
Biofinity is made from the breakthrough Aquaform material that allows greater levels of oxygen to freely flow through the lens to the eye. Higher oxygen supply lenses are known to create whiter and healthier looking eyes for most contact lens wearers.

Biofinity also possesses and maintains a high level of water to ensure the lens remains soft and flexible, delivering real comfort through the day and night.

Combining this perfect balance of water and exceptionally high levels of oxygen, Biofinity feels almost as natural as wearing no lenses at all.

It all adds up to a naturally comfortable lens with no additives, coatings, wetting agents, or surface treatments. Nothing comes between you and a more comfortable lens-wearing experience.

Each box contains 3, monthly disposable soft contacts in buffered saline solution.

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Crystal Comfort £64/year
Biofinity £110/year


Recommended Cleaning Solution

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We have a large range of All in One Solutions, Soft Lens Rewetting drops to alleviate dry eyes and convenient Multi Purpose Solution Flight Packs - perfect for your next holiday.

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Most helpful customer reviews

Dry eyes

I was soooooo looking forward to these. I do suffer from dry eyes and have been using the Acuvue Advance 2 week disposables. When I could get these for the same money and LEAVE them in I thought fantastic.. sadly after a couple of hours wear my eye`s started to feel a little dry and after trying to sleep in them I ended up waking up in the middle of the night with sore eyes. they had to come out sadly !.. I will give them another go tomorrow, but I`m not expecting great results. I`m really pleased they have worked for others as the feeling of not having to mess about each day must be great ! I`m still looking out for something else.. It would be good to be able to buy trials of afew different brands to get an idea rather than having to buy lots of pairs only to find out you have wasted your money. Seems a good product but not for me.

By from Bolton on 31.12.2009 09:48

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first time user

I have never tried continuous wear contacts before i usually use daily ones but these are 100% better i will not be going back i would not hesitate recommending these.

By from St.Helens, UK on 02.03.2010 19:30

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Most comfortable contacts I`ve worn

I love these lenses. They`re extremely comfortable and very clear. It`s like having perfect vision again - without the need for surgery. I wore daily diposables when they first came out, and these are without a doubt, a huge improvement. Great price and very quick delivery.
I`m now able to gaze longingly into the middle distance while retaining a clear perspective on life. Thank you.

By from Colchester, UK on 05.08.2010 15:57

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Good product for the good price

I have been wearing them for the long time of period. The lenses work for me and do the job. These are thin and flex and comfortable to wear. I should not complain about them but I have discovered the minor disadvantage. When I have been to Greece during the hottest time of the year I found the lenses have been drying out by the end of the day. It's because of the dry air and strong shining sun. Anyway I still recommend them.

By from Manchester on 23.05.2019 13:10

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Not suitable for continuous wear

Put them on in the morning, next morning my eyes were glued together. Not a good choice for day & night wear.

By from Athens, GR on 17.04.2019 13:55

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B est contacts ever

I've been wearing the Biofinity lenses for years now and I find they are the best contacts ever. You really do feel as if your not wearing contacts at all. I've stuck with what I know best and these contacts are the best and at a good price I might add. I have tried others before and I was ready to give up until I purchased these contacts and have been ordering them ever since. I think anybody who wears contacts I guarantee once you try these you'd wish that you'd try them earlier and you too won't look back. Two thumbs up.

By from Townsville Australia on 03.03.2017 04:29

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By far the best contacts, and the price is great

By from Usa on 26.10.2016 22:01

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I must say this is the first time when a contact lens can surprise me !! I just wrote a really bad review and i must change it ! First few days was blurry not clear vision.. And I guess my eyes got used to it, and now its brilliant. I cant even feel i wear it! LOVE it. I will still gonna try other extended wear ones as well, as this is my first one.

By from Huddersfield, UK on 26.08.2016 21:27

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Awful, uncomfortable and out of focus!

I was really looking forward to trying these lenses, partly because of the great reviews, however, I found them to be uncomfortable, blurred and out of focus. I managed 3 hours, then put my Crystals back in. Pretty awful for the price to be fair.

By from Yorkshire on 19.07.2016 14:21

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Very uncomfortable

First day they were fine, then they very quickly became cloudy and had build-up that I couldn`t clean off, went through all three pairs in about 2 weeks. They were painful and uncomfortable to wear and I kept blinking and rubbing my eyes.
I`ve had lenses for over 10 years now so I know how to look after and clean them, and also give my eyes rest days. Not sure why this happened - maybe I just personally didn`t get on with them. Going to try different Biofinity ones now.
Editor: This is an unusual occurrence with Biofinity lenses. If this persists, it is worth getting a contact lens check up with your Optometrist to make sure you do not have another underlying issue, for example hay fever, which can cause very similar symptoms.

By from Unknown location on 18.05.2016 11:17

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Switched to these from daily disposables and it's the best thing I've ever done . I put them in Monday morning and leave them in until Friday night when I remove them and give my eyes a rest over the weekend . They are more comfortable than my previous disposables and my vision seems clearer . Totally recommend anyone to give these a try .

By from Lincoln UK on 29.04.2016 18:45

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Best lenses ever!!

Wow! These are amazing
I'm annoyed I didn't find them sooner after years of struggling to put lenses in and take them out
These are so comfortable and you cant feel them in!
They are so ideal you can leave them in overnight (always good for those nights out rather poking your eye attempting to take your lenses out when you have had a few too many) I just wore them continuously on holiday without having to take along cleaning solution too
So glad I've now found the right lenses for me - no more wearing glasses :)

By from Coventry, UK on 06.04.2016 08:38

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Best contact lenses ever

I've been using these for a good few years now. Occasionally I decide to try a different brand or try daily's but go straight back to these. Comfortable all day long, easy to put in and take out. are also amazing and provide a brilliant service :)

By from Bristol on 26.01.2016 12:25

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The best contact lenses for me

I never leave feedbacks but i think i own this to Biofinity as they are my life savior. I was serching and wearing all different brands of contact lenses for a few years. I tried the cheap ones and the very expensive ones. Everything was just the same waste of money. After reading few comments about biofinity I thought I'll give another try and see if they are any good. With a massive suprise they ware the best ones I ever had. My eyes don't get dry and it's easy to forget that you even wearing any contacts lenses at all! I'm wearing biofinity now maybe about 6 years and I hope they will stay with me forever! I must also add how amazing is this web site! Offering free next day devery even on Saturdays. So if I ever had any problem and forgot to buy new pair of lenses, I make my order and got it NEXT DAY!
recommend to everyone to give it a try. Won't disappoint you x

By from Leicester on 22.10.2015 21:01

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the 1st time i have used contact lenses put an order in yesterday10-09-15 and received them on the 11th not bad service in any ones book its the 1st time ive tried continuous wear lenses but will comment after a week or so

By from Willenhall on 11.09.2015 14:11

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Good, but not for me

In fairness I used to wear continuous contacts years ago, then my eyes started to reject them, according to my optician, so I'd probably have this issue with any brand. I'm simply writing this review to suggest to anyone that may have any history of rejection with continuous contacts, to maybe ask to have a cheap trial or something (if they do that) before you splash out on 3 months worth. Im not slating the continuous contacts at all; your eyes might love them...they just don't work for me any more. Dailies it is.

By from Oxford on 03.08.2015 13:24

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Long time Biofinity Lense wearer

I have wore these contacts for about 2 years now and had no problems with them. I have been wearing contacts for about 9 years, have tried many different lense types but nothing has been as good as these! I can wear them for extended time (Although do take them out every night)
I have found no problems with these. Usually cheaper ones will break easily or after wearing them a few times little rips will appear.
Really love these lenses and have them on 3 month repeats and am doing so again now. Recommended! A++

By from Shropshire, UK on 23.05.2015 19:50

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Fantastic lenses

I've been wearing these lenses for about 6 years now and never had a problem with them. I put them in and forget about them for a month, even sleeping in them is not a problem. In fact, I have to remind myself to swap them over at the end of the month, they are that comfortable. Absolutely fantastic! You will never go back to daily disposables after trying these.

By from London on 06.03.2015 13:33

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Generally very good but tend to tear far too easily

- very comfortable;
- cheap
- some tear far too easily, some lasting a few days, some lasting a couple of weeks and some lasting the full month. This has a large effect of their effective price!

By from London, UK on 09.02.2015 12:48

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I have been using daily lenses for years now and thought I would give these monthly ones a try.The first 24 hours was great then they became itchy and my eyes were runny and very sore.
I have two pairs left which I will use for a long day at some point but I prefer my dailies!

By from Newcastle upon Tyne on 26.01.2015 09:53

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Best lenses ever!

I tried lost of different types of contact lenses and those ones are the best. My eyes don't get dry, they are very comfortable to wear, cheap and you can wear then day and night so only taking them out when swapping for a new pair. I wear one pair for about two months!

By from Leicester on 25.01.2015 13:12

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Really bad!!

Contacts are my godsend, but of course at the end of the day they have to come out and the glasses go back on, at least for a little while. Continuous wear though, you say? Sign me up! Unfortunately I found these extremely uncomfortable to sleep in and so chose to take them out each night. Despite this, they were still the worst contacts I have ever worn (and the most expensive). Save your money.

By from Leicestershire, UK on 22.01.2015 00:38

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Dry paper on my eyeballs!

These are without a doubt the most dry uncomfortable lenses I have ever worn, and I've tried several brands. Definitely not fit for continuous wear, after a few hours I had to take them out. Awful

By from London, UK on 07.10.2014 22:35

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