Contact lens helps Henin make comeback

Contact lens helps Henin make comeback

By Martin Burns

A contact lens has been revealed as the secret weapon that helped Justine Henin in her return to the tennis court.

Her physiotherapist Marc Grosjean revealed to the Herald Sun that a contact lens in her left eye helped the player in her comeback from retirement.

The seven-time grand slam winner retired 20 months ago and during her break had laser eye surgery on both eyes. She then began to suffer from blurring and sought help.

Henin wears a new lens each time she practises or plays and, although she did not quite beat Williams, the lens greatly improved her performance since wearing it for the first time in the Brisbane International earlier this month.

During last year"s tournament, Henin was doing volunteer work for UNICEF in Congo.

She said of her comeback: "My mind was somewhere else. At that time I could never think that a year later I would be in this final. It seems a little bit unreal."

Recent research conducted by Ultralase revealed that more than five million Brits are shunning sport because of the poor quality of their eyesight.

by Adrian Galbreth

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