Reusing disposable contact lenses "is a complete no-go"

Reusing disposable contact lenses "is a complete no-go"

Although disposable contact lenses should never be reused, it is amazing how many people are neglecting to follow manufacturer instructions and are reusing contacts they have already worn, one expert has noted.

Mark Adams, a contact lens expert, said that reusing disposable contact lenses is "a complete no-go" and said more awareness needs to raised about the dangers re-wearing contacts designed for single use only.

"Reusing contact lens solution is also a complete no-go. We cannot warn highly enough against this sort of practice as saline is a breeding ground for bacteria such as acanthamoeba, pseudomonas and many others," he explained.

Mr Adams added that people who are keen to use the same contact lenses each day should look into alternative options, such as monthly lenses, which can be cleaned each night and re-worn.

Writing for the Huffington Post recently, optometrist Brendan O"Brien said that many contact lens wearers who have been using the products for some time fall into the trap of being lackadaisical in their daily hygiene routines, but this should be avoided at all costs.

by Emily Tait

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