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What happens if you cry with contacts in?

What happens if you cry with contacts in?

Since your contacts stick to the surface of the eyeball, there's no way for the tears to penetrate between the eye and the contact. Contact lenses were designed to handle the normal everyday tears that our eyes produce continuously. The only difference between tears with or without crying is quantity.

Obviously, crying produces a higher amount of tears in the eye. This increased dose of tears isn't enough, however, to make the contact lens fall out of place. The extra tears will just wash over the surface of the lens. You should experience no abnormal problems if you cry with contact lenses on your eyes.

If you find yourself crying with contact lenses on, try your best to remember not to rub your eyes. It's quite common for people to rub their eyes while crying, but this can dislocate the contact lens. Since there's more liquid in the eye during a sob session, it's far easier for the contact lens to fall out if you happen to rub your eyes.

Some people actually get their contacts stuck in their upper eyelid during crying spells. It can be very difficult and uncomfortable to get these contacts out when this happens.

Rubbing your eyes could also wear away the contact lenses. You could produce tiny tears in the lenses that could make them more uncomfortable over the long term.

Also, the increased proteins and lipids in tears could potentially accumulate in contacts while crying. It's a good idea to change your contacts after a crying session. If you're using reusable contacts, be sure to thoroughly clean these contacts with disinfectant before putting them back in your eyes.

Author: John Dreyer Optometrist Bsc(Hons), MCOPTOM, DipCLP
Created: 29 Jul 2017, Last modified: 17 Jul 2019