Goggles "are important for bike riders with contact lenses"

Goggles "are important for bike riders with contact lenses"

The benefits of goggles for bike riders who wear contact lenses have been stressed by a writer.

In an article for Dirt Rider Magazine, Pete Peterson said that he was "obsessed" with goggles because of the contact lenses he wears.

"When I ride I don"t blink nearly enough, so any "wind" over my eyes will quickly dry my contacts and they"ll pop out," he explained.

Mr Peterson reviewed the Dragon Vendetta Goggles, and said that he had experienced "zero contact lens issues" since he began using them.

Though he criticised the design, he was generally pleased with the product.

Golfer Retief Goosen also had peoblems with his contacts, he told the Manchester Evening News about how he had had to remove a contact lens during a tournament.

He went on to win the Transitions Championship in Tampa, but he was forced to take out a lens after six holes.

Having had laser surgery on his right eye, he had been wearing a contact lens in his left.

by Emily Tait

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