How to use eye cosmetics safely

How to use eye cosmetics safely

By Emily Tait

Women have been told by a US eye health organisation how to use cosmetics safely on their eyes.

Prevent Blindness America provided an article for Health News Digest in which it urged women never to use testers for eye makeup when in shops or to share eye makeup with other people.

Makeup should not be applied within the lash line and ought not to be used if eyes are irritated or have recently been subject to surgery, unless a doctor has said it is safe.

Women who wear contact lenses were told to insert them before putting makeup on and take them out before removing the cosmetics.

In addition, contact lens solution must be used to clean lenses, not water.

According to essortment.com, people who wear contact lenses should use hypoallergenic mascara that is stated to be fit for their use.

They should also make sure their eyes are shut while they apply hairspray and then walk away from the spot before opening them.

by Alexa Kaczka

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