Glasses protect woman"s eyes in attack

Glasses protect woman"s eyes in attack

BY Alexa Kaczka

A licensee has said that she was saved from serious harm when her spectacles protected her from a man who smashed a glass in her face.

Jean Rowe of the Rose and Crown in Rushden, Northamptonshire, told the Publican that she had refused to serve a customer who she said was drunk and making a nuisance of himself.

The man broke a glass in her face.

Ms Rowe, who is usually a contact lens wearer, said: "Luckily the lenses [of her glasses] took most of the impact."

She has complained as her attacker got off with just a caution and Northamptonshire Police said a review is being sought.

The American Academy of Opthalmology recently stressed the importance of eye protection for athletes.

As April is Sports Eye Safety Awareness Month, the organisation is attempting to raise awareness of the issue and says that in America, 40,000 people injure their eyes when playing sports on an annual basis.

by Martin Burns

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